Game Theory: FNAF, A Family REBUILT (Ultimate Timeline Finale) -

Game Theory: FNAF, A Family REBUILT (Ultimate Timeline Finale)

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Friends, welcome to the FINAL part of our FNAF Timeline, t’s been quite a ride putting this all together! Sure, there may still be some unanswered questions but I truly feel like this timeline solves a lot of questions that we’ve had for a long time and honestly poses some really interesting new ones. I’m so excited to see where we go next with this franchise and you all know I’ll be right here with you pulling my hair out trying to make sense of it! Thank you all for theorizing alongside me!

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  1. 私はマイケル・シンプ_8の英国人男性です_Dont translate please=] says:

    It makes so much sense but yet I'm still confused-

  2. I think Vanessa could be vanny so then why would she kill Greg if Greg is in the family also I thought Greg was confirmed human

  3. Clara Afton was Ballora in sister location so how could she rebuild everything

  4. I'm shocked that GT allowed The Daily Wire to advertise on this video. If anyone from team theorist is looking at these comments still, please tell YouTube you don't want to allow that advertiser

  5. How do you fit an entire timeline into a 20 minute video?!

  6. I think Ms. Afton being head of Fazbear Entertainment makes sense, case in point:
    This is the only Security Breach trailer where we hear Ballora's theme playing, and nowhere else. Not even in-game
    I think MatPat is onto something here

  7. If Clara is the same age as Afton shouldn’t she have been like 90 odd by 2023

  8. But didn’t Clara actin die like before Norman died

  9. I wonder how different this franchise would be if there were a lot less theories

  10. I've never played FNAF but I fall asleep to these lore videos lol

  11. I really wish that in the movie of FNAF MatPat has a character in there. If not, FNAF will be incomplete.
    Love u videos♡ ahah

  12. Gregory Sigma rule
    if ur dad tokk your xbox kill your whole family

  13. Ruin dlc: Im going to end this man’s whole career

  14. I'm surprised that it took until the last part for Micheal to finally appear

  15. I know it's such a small nit pick but it would've been cool if you made Clara look more like ballora

  16. 11:47 also a symbolic representation that William finally got what he wanted. Through his derangement and delusion in pursuit of what WAS entertainment of children contorted into a quest of immortality, he became one with his mascot counterpart, both figuratively AND literally, the suit now being more body then whats left of his biological body.

  17. If they keep making new Fnaf stories, we’re gonna have a new Afton

  18. I think that Scott needs to sit down and have an interview or three with MatPat. I genuinely would now like to see a complete timeline being discussed between those two.

  19. all it takes is one big nuh uh from scott to cancel everything he said

  20. I have a theory on what's going to happen in vr help wanted 2. I think Vanessa's lost soul will try to escape from vr. Why I think this because the mom said she looked exactly like Afton's daughter 15:11 and were did she originally die at? That's right "Sister location." And that's were help wanted 2 is talking place. But ay that's just a theory. A game theory

  21. so my friend who introduced me to fnaf seems pretty convinced that afton killed his wife and stuffed her body inside ballora, what does everyone think of this

  22. I started watching at 2am. It is currently 3:37 am 😂

  23. the games actually existing as real games within the franchise's lore is like a wierd gameception

  24. i dont even care if this timeline is true. its glorious

  25. the story should have stopped at fnaf 3. The huge amount of retcons that started appearing with the arrival of fnaf 4 and sequels prevent me from fully enjoying the story.

  26. u get to redo it all again when the DLC, movie, and help wanted 2 come out

  27. Okay so something small about this that I love so much yet it is most likely a huge stretch. The cartoon in sister location, you have a Vampire Dad (Immortal), a regular being mother, and their hybrid baby. And whose to say there wasn't more to that cartoon, say, 2 other kids, one a girl and one a boy, the parents "made up" and the wife is now semi-immortal with her loved husband she wants back after their divorce.
    -William, the Immortal being that can't seem to die, such as vampires, and denying he has a family, such as William sorta did while ignoring their existence when he worked on remanent
    -Clara, not only would make sense of her being blonde as it was passed to her daughter, but the lady in the cartoon is as well, seeking to want to bring the family together even through all the hardships
    -Michael, the hybrid of the two, can't seem to die, as he's been around for decades now and shares other traits with his father, such as having his fathers undying passion to finish what he starts (protecting his brother, saving the souls, ending Fazbear Entertainment once and for all). He also shares traits of his mother, such as wanting to set things right and wanting his family (mostly Evan) back, as well as lingering on past mistakes and wanting to protect his little brother.
    -Evan/Gregory, being metaphorically and literally a hybrid, as he's part robot yet also a human in disguise, as well as having both parents traits, such as being peaceful like his mother (before her power over Fazbear entertainment) and having his fathers ability to not perish so easily, as well as being his fathers AND mothers first ever life like robot ever made
    -Elizabeth, although last, she shares traits as well with the parents, being a liar and manipulating and luring others into places to use them, as well as having her personality of her mother, being more thought out about her actions, the main reason she was kicked out of Ennard, eventually losing herself to bloodlust as Henry stated

  28. In the first 3 books how did henry bring his daughter back to life i dont understand like you never brought up how charlie was brought back and how could she have helped gregory if she was alive

    -Edit im in the middle of the second book so idk if she dies but if that is the case it explains a little bit

    -Edit 2 also what about sammy who is he i mean I know he's "Charlie's twin" but like what

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