Game Theory: FNAF, A Family REBUILT Group Reaction -

Game Theory: FNAF, A Family REBUILT Group Reaction

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  1. Please check out the Project Shadow fanfilm by JoaoFilipeSantiago!

  2. My favorite part of this theory was MatPat grabbing hold of the camera and saying very clearly "There were TOO many ideas going in TOO many directions"

  3. If you guys want to read the books, i suggest Bunny Call 😄👍

  4. The FNAF 2 movie is going to be a mixture of the second game and the second book because of the puppet code in the credits, and FNAF the Twisted one, Afton comes back as Springtrap wanting revenge.

  5. I feel like alot of this video was immediately outdated when Ruin and Help Wanted 2 came out, as well as a lot of security breach once the game was out for a while

  6. The biggest difference from the movie is the family swap where William Affton only has a daughter where the game henery only had a daughter and henery has mike his sister and his kidnapped brother and of course the game has Affton with two sons and a daughter

  7. While i agree mrs afton would probably have a stake in the company and would get the paperwork after the company folded, the issue matpat overlooked here is mrs afton would be the same age as william, which means she should be in her late 70's to 80's by the time she starts doing any of this and she had nothing to do with remnant to extend her lifespan. She might be a part of the string of events leading to the mystery ceo, but i dont think she'd be the one running all this. Also this was made before ruin and help wanted 2, so there's alot more information he didnt have at the time which could tie together a number of character from the timeline as being the same person

  8. I recommend continue watching some of the new theories, while it doesn't seem like it since this video came out earlier this year, this video is old. Since then we have 2 more games, 1 movie and I believe 1-2 more books. Right now a lot is happening since this is THE YEAR OF FNAF but keep yourselves updated and I promise you will be kept entertained.

  9. I don’t understand the hate Matpat got for this (really I don’t understand much of the hate he gets at all) because this was the best timeline that had been put together thus far even with the plot holes. If anyone knows anything about the franchise it’s that the lore is complicated and overwhelming like he did his best 😭

  10. You guys should react to the fnaf songs by the living tombstone!!

  11. Please play the games! Afterwords you can watch the theories he posted after this timeline that has updates to the lore after help wanted 2 and the ruin DLC came out. There is also a fnafmovie theory on the film theory channel.

  12. After a while you got the lore coverage of the security breach dlc and etc. Then eventually the second vr game.

  13. lol, when Boom said "High five yourselves" i did…perfectly synced with Ruff unknowingly xD

  14. i ABSOLUTELY recommend ya'll check out Fuhnaff's theory videos involving Security Breach, the Ruin DLC and Help Wanted (the VR game). His theories and videos are amazing and they're definitely worth the watch!!! As always, amazing reaction!! 💛

  15. This theory was actually very good at the time, where the only thing that was like a bit icky was the idea of Gregory being a robot. With time it turns out that that is possibly almost the only thing he got right, and everything else started falling apart like 2 weeks after this vid came out

  16. you guys better see fnaf movie theory from mat Pat. because its say all difference's between game and movie story's. all billy's like this comment for FNAF MOVIE THEORY😍😍

  17. As much as people hate on matpatt he’s not the creator of fnaf. Even Scott the creator of fnaf at one point didn’t know what to do next with the story. I think Matt does a great job with how many plot holes are in fnaf. He even includes the material from where he got his information from. Just Incase

  18. Theres very little evidence Mrs Afton had anything to do with anything which makes this part just speculation

  19. To answer your questions about the fans liking the movie, we liked it because it was more self-contained. We could drop the years of baggage with the lore and just enjoy it for what it is. Retreading some old ground in a completely fresh new way was really fun.

    22:04 You guys are giving us too much credit. Personally, I love watching your reactions because as you've mentioned you have no knowledge on FNAF aside from the trailers, the movie and VR, but that's what makes it fun for fans like us! It's so interesting seeing how you piece some of the story together, how you react to what are classic game events in the community. Because trust me, not everyone that watches MatPat has necessarily read all the books, played all the games. This is my first time watching this theory and wow I did not except Mrs. Afton to carry on the legacy! That is one major reason why I love watching these game theories, you get something new every time, after all that's what theorizing is all about. Do we know most of the lore? Absolutely. Is it necessarily ALL the lore? Absolutely not. I got myself the "FNAF: The Ultimate Guide" and am still finding out new things I didn't know! Heck we are still trying to make sense of it all, with MatPat as our beloved lead investigator.
    27:06 This seriously makes a lot of sense!
    32:34 Personally, I enjoyed the movie and the little twists they sprinkled. From what I've understood, the movie follows more the books than the games, which is a very fun choice.

    Lots of appreciation for your dedication for finishing this series, glad you're intrigued by the FNAF universe. Aside from your other content, I would honestly love for you to check out other FNAF content. I've noticed that this timeline wrapped up everything but didn't include as much game elements which are probably something you want to see for yourself. "Game Theory: FNAF, The Clue That ALMOST Solves Everything! (FNAF Security Breach)" was definitely a fun one to watch with the whole Patient 46 tapes, considering I was not up to date with Security Breach at the time. Either way, keep on being Sorta Amazing🌟

  21. This theory is iffy now cuz of the dlc and new game

  22. Hm, how very interesting, say would you be up for doing the Talk Back at some point too?
    Anything, I would love to see your reaction to the Kingdom Hearts Timeline at some point too.

  23. If you guys like this, you should react to Zamination and EnchantedMob who make Minecraft Fnaf animations with really good stories and songs but Zamination have also just released a Amazing Digital Circus animation that even Glitch tweeted about

  24. I think it would be wise for ya’ll to watch the theories he has made since the timeline episode’s because there have been two new games since. (Ruin: DLC to Security Breach & FNAF VR; Help Wanted 2)

  25. To answer your questions about the movie, the movie, games and books are thought to all be there own timelines none of them more cannon then the others just different versions of similar events with the same/similar characters. However the Games are considered the main timeline thus is the timeline Game Theory focuses. Also theorists will often look to the books and movie to get an idea of what the themes of the stories are, what things are and aren’t possible in this world and the motivations and characteristics of characters in the series. Hope that helps.

  26. the books are more parelell universe, explaining some things by making a story you can compare to the main series.

  27. I recommend reacting to "No Strings Prd Kane Biopic".

  28. The movie is Canonically parallel to the game and books. The movie isn't OUR timeline's Aftons, its a rewritten AU from Scott himself for the movies alone

  29. For me, these 4 videos are like a 201 class, with all of his previous videos being the 100 classes. A lot of the stuff in these videos are taken from conclusions from those previous ones. And a lot of things in the previous ones (such as the original FNAF game possibly being based on a real-life crime) weren't shown in these 4 videos.

  30. The name of the developer was Scott cawthon. The creator of fnaf.

  31. If you gonna play the games, PLEASE record it. I ADORE you guys and I love fnaf, so it would be AMAZING to have new fnaf gameplay for the first time in 2024. ❤

  32. Crazy how good Mats timeline was doing and then he fumbled hard after FFPS

  33. Jeremy didn't cut himself with a paper shredder but with a paper cutter a.k.a. an office guillotine or paper trimmer.

    Maybe since I knew what it was supposed to be, I didn't notice this error until now. I watched the original video and at least one other reaction before yours. I'd feel worse about it, but MatPat and company also missed it. XP

  34. I wanna see if they can react to the VHS TAPES… If they can tho. :DD

  35. I think I and a lot of other people would be hyped if yall went back and watched all of Game Theory's FNAF theories in order. It's a journey to see how we got to this point.

  36. Hey guys, if you're curious about how the lore got to this place and how the community started going into source code and stuff, this is a great video going into the history of the teasers that Cawthon used to release on his website to get everyone talking, and it shows the progression of how it became a back-and-forth of sorts between the creator and the community. Its really good that someone kept records of all this! "The Lost art of Five Nights at Freddy's Teasers' by Minaxa. As of this writing it is 11 months old with 2.8 mil views.

  37. The reason why the movie sits well with the games is because FNAF tends to have mulitple cannons. So the books are its own canon seperate from the games (until the pizzaplex books at least). The books will fill in certain details in the games but they are not one to one. So the movie can do its own thing as long as certain elements are the same or referenced. FNAF is made where it can make a movie that is different from what you know.

  38. The Photo Of That Indie Game Developer Is The Photo Of Real Life FNAF Creator :- SCOTT CAWTHON

  39. Scott himself, even though he publishes more books and more games are coming out, like many other authors and creators of franchises, sagas and series.

    Leave it a mystery and that's good because they want to keep it for us.

    To try to solve it using our own imagination, theory, ideas and come up with our own Head Canon.

  40. It would be really cool if you guys would react to more of matpat's theories

  41. I have a theory that Clara Afton died just after the deaths of Evan Afton (Crying Child) and Elizabeth Afton. By like Car Crash or Maybe suicide by regret or something else. And then the soul of Clara Afton goes to Ballora! So Ballora is Clara Afton.

  42. Man, I would love for them to watch some security Breach gameplay/cutscenes and even the Ruin & Help Wanted 2 trailers.
    Oh- and also the new theories, if they feel like it.

  43. Matpat does explain the movie lore as well in his recent video

  44. This part may be controversial and built on a lot of speculation but I do like it. It's a nice interpretation.

  45. One of the best parts about finding lore with the first few big games were the teasers, people would go into the codes of the websites and brighten everything just to get crumbs of lore to make the story make sense it was amazing- it was big especially during the release of sister location in 2015-2016

  46. lol id love to watch more game lore vids from yall!

  47. And there are books about fnaf you could react to it❤❤and I love you guys reaction

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