Game Theory: FNAF 6, No More Secrets (FNAF 6, Freddy Fazbear's Pizzeria Simulator) -

Game Theory: FNAF 6, No More Secrets (FNAF 6, Freddy Fazbear’s Pizzeria Simulator)

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I know I said the last FNAF episode was the last FNAF theory, But every time I think I’ve finished the FNAF theories, Scott releases a new game. It’s like he’s just sitting around with these finished games waiting for my theory to come out, then bam – he releases the new game. So you can probably expect FNAF 7 sometime next month.

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  1. I’ve been watching this series for 2 hekkin hours

  2. It’s 1:30 AM, I’m home alone, and I’ve been binging this playlist for the past few hours. I have made an error in my judgment

  3. I say fu** you because this Video has (for me) a german title but no german subtitle 🙁

  4. I love looking back at Mat Pat not knowing Gabriel and Susie. (btw they're the souls of Freddy & Chica)

    Also, that girl in fruity maze is Susie.

  5. 11:46 in Markipliers pizzeria simulator part 3 you can hear that the animatronic that looks like William Afton or spring trap actually is William Afton but you probably know already

  6. “You can walk around in jackets all year long even if it’s too hot”

    What if I sit on a couch in a jumper all year long? 👀

  7. Matpat:And a random blue one

    Me:another bonnie easter egg!

  8. What if the salvaging was before the pizzaria it makes sense then

  9. The reason why William Afton says :
    "I always come back.'' is cause he wanted to fix all the horrible thing he do so he wright a letter for his son ''Mickael, if i'm not here today, it's cause i made very bad mess, i've to fix it and i don't think i'll come back…But don't worry, even if it's gonna take one or two years,
    I always come back '' …

    He comes back after 30 years of torture, in a room that there was nothing, and gets tortured by a girl called Cassidy (one of the girl he killed ) .

  10. Chica the fried chicken =Susie
    And y'all know the rest also who else misses Scott

  11. i forgot silver eyes existed after the more recent theories ..

  12. 17:20 nooo…mangle bit the girl…no way… W A S T H A T T H E B I T E O F 8 7 ? !

  13. Has this channel always been called The Game Theorists? I could have swore it was just gsme theory

  14. Actually, orange guy might be the mom, think about that!

  15. Him: and how can YOU help me to solve five nights' las and most closely guarded secret!
    FNAF security breach: ehem May I introduce myself?

  16. spring trap is actually in front of the flames

  17. Loved the pre-advertisement, Matt. 10/10


  19. it doesn’t make sense for mustard man to be william afton because at the end of sister location michael says “i’m going to come find you” when talking to william. why would michael say he’s going to go find william if he’s seen william come home?

  20. do u have a theory on mrs afton

  21. i think orange guy is henry 😛 but the mike part does not make sense

  22. i just have one question about the puppet, why does she not attack you in fnaf 2 when you play the music box?

  23. For these people there will be 3 or 4 more episodes. Proceeds to Make 33 more episodes

  24. how could you not mention that the orange is the same color as the orange spot on purple guy's chest

  25. Susie is the girl in fruity maze and her dog is the dead dog

  26. "Even the roofs look roughly the same!"
    Uhh you sure about that one?

  27. I find it a little odd that we never talk about the fact the Baby's claw is the one that was inside here and snatched Elizabeth with not some random junk

  28. "I like to call him mustard man 😏"


  29. I gotta say I loved the idea mat came up with that Michael decided to fix what his father did chasing after him and finishing all of them to a certain degree if they didnt make anything else after this I woulda loved for it the end this way with him freeing every trapped spirit condemning his horrible father and himself finally able to rest

  30. Has anyone else considered that Mangle is the perfect suspect for the Bite of '87? In a video by SuperHorrorBro where he talks about Foxy, he listed a number of very compelling reasons why Foxy could've been the culprit. But I think that it's much more likely that it was Mangle. For one thing, while Foxy was present at the FNAF 2 pizzeria where the Bite of '87 took place, it was in the form of Withered Foxy, and the Withered gang were kept locked in the storage room during the day. And I doubt the Withered gang would've been active during the day; and even then, why would the daytime guard go back there? Like, ever?
    Which leaves the only animatronic with the means and opportunity to be Mangle, the only active animatronic at that pizzeria with an actual jaw as well as sharp teeth. And if Mangle really is possessed by the dog's remnant, it makes even more sense that it's the one responsible. It probably mistook the daytime security guard for William Afton, the man who not only brutally killed the dog himself, but his beloved owner. Mangle probably attacked on pure instinct. And since Mangle was technically one of the Toy animatronics, it would've also been acting on its programming to protect kids.

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