Game Theory: FNAF 4, The Body Snatchers (Five Nights at Freddy's) -

Game Theory: FNAF 4, The Body Snatchers (Five Nights at Freddy’s)

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With all the pushes going on in media, like the MCU and James Bond, it’s good to know that Five Nights at Freddy’s is still going strong and coming out with new stories for me to theorize about. One of my favorite FNAF characters is the little plush monster himself, Psychic Friend Fredbear. He, and the other monster toys found throughout the FNAF franchise, are FULL of secrets. What are these toys and what do they have to do with stealing the forms of human children? Let’s dive in!

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Writers: Matthew Patrick
Editors: Danial “BanditRants” Keristoufi, Dan “Cybert” Seibert, and Tyler Mascola
Assistant Editor: AlyssaBeCrazy
Sound Editor: Yosi Berman



  1. Maybe William decided to make a "friend" (moving fredbear plush with camera) for his youngest son, but later he got reinspired to make a similar Freddy Fazbear version.

  2. Aston.7321 java bane Cubes •u• mas says:

    Øĥ ĥę ijſ fŋæf ęģĝ ⅒∅⁰ ſųß ijß þĥë řęč ßčp

  3. U kinda spoiled the fazbear frights book called fetch that i never finished

  4. 🤪🥳✌️🙀🤩🤯🤯🤯🤕🤑

  5. My idea is that Psychic Friend Fredbear is actually a combination between a Lonely Freddy doll as well as the doll that Jake's father used to talk to his dying son while he was on tour. This could actually make sense- a robotic doll that William created as a way of keeping his younger son company and making sure that he was okay when his father was off at work. This also coincides with the Ella doll that Henry created for Charlie in Silver Eyes.

  6. I have a theory about the foxy plush I personally think that foxy is missing his head because he was afraid of mike to a point where he tore it off due to anxiety and fear

  7. The game theory her hair is blonde/yellow

    Me:it looks pretty orange to me

  8. I think that the head of the foxy plush is ripped off bc The brother toke it as a mask.


  10. I like this intro better 😅😅😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  11. My fanfictions oh I'm secretly part cat and I have a crush on you oh wow you have a crush on me too okay then

  12. I can say that if you look at 17:32, "Chica" one of the 4 people out of FNAF is a different skin color. Though others say that the 4 kids who killed Afton's son is killed by William. If this is true and what he said that the girl he showed a picture of is that specific one this had got me interested in if Chica is instead a different person as body swapped when in one of his other videos shows how people beta testing the VR game had swapped but I still have no idea if this is right because if he probably got that picture wrong skin color? Plz reply back if you can answer my question or if I missed something.

  13. wait i think i know how psyychic friend fredbear can turn into a flower its becus he was a flower

  14. Im gonna reanimate this 1st thing when I get my drawing tablet

  15. Ok I just thought of something what if the crying child doesn’t actually like the characters maybe he just has them because his dad gave it to him it’s just a thought tho

  16. ø,¸¸,ø¤º° ♥ ___ℤ𝔼ℝ𝔸𝕆ℝ𝔸 ♥ °º¤ø,¸¸,ø says:

    I love this scene for one reason and one reason only

    Lonley freddy: What's your favorite colour?
    Child: I like whi-

  17. Just imagine the lonely Freddy asked Alex for his moms credit card information

  18. … i just frickin realized that im basically a lonely freddy, with the questions and effortlessly getting ppl to open up… wth


  20. When people forget good of a actor matpat is

  21. I know this is spoiling fetch for me but I don't give a frick

  22. The only thing that makes me not compare these two is it doesn't take multiple days to swap Alec with the Freddy, whereas Psychic Friend is with crying child for multiple days

  23. I love the theories and your energy matpat but in another video when you quoted the last few lines from that story with the lonely freddies, it said there were other bears in the dumpster with him and they all cried out for help at the same time. So is this really a freak incident or did the employees actually know?

  24. He is here and always watching psychic friend fredbear

  25. Ummmmmmmmmm crying child is scared at the pizza ria because his brother mickey is bulling him?! And also that is pretty similar to michel not the cc

  26. 12:52
    "sad and lonely children"
    and there you go. a perfect description of me.

  27. Here me out- lonely freddy targets lonely children, the outcasts; just like Kelsey

  28. What if Foxy Toy is missing it’s head because FoxyBro stole it, hence the mask

  29. I wonder why when the bite of the crying child why did the freddy mask boy have no white eyes?

  30. Psychic Fred Fred bear is that the tanner house what

  31. How did I miss this, the longer version of physic friend Fred bear

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