Game Theory: FNAF 4 got it ALL WRONG! -

Game Theory: FNAF 4 got it ALL WRONG!

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FNAF 4 is here and this time I’m ready! I had originally planned for this episode to come out before FNAF 4 was released, but you can always count on Scott Cawthon to ruin all my plans… Either way, as soon as I started to see what this game was about in the trailers, I knew I had to come in and set the record straight. This episode is all about the evidence in the game that points straight toward the Bite of 87, as well as how the Bite of 87 itself makes FNAF 4 absolutely IMPOSSIBLE! Happy you guys didn’t have to wait for weeks for this one–enjoy! 🙂

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  1. It's obvious that the kid is having a nightmare and the nightmare animatronic could be his death awaiting him or the nightmare known as William.

  2. 0:06 Has anyone else noticed the headlines on the side like, “Satanic statue unveiled in Detroit”? Cause i just did

  3. Wait what if it's not about the victim but one of the friends that witnessed it

  4. I thought that the bite of 87 was just nibbling a few fingers

  5. In the game, each day starts with him being locked inside his room.. However before that sentence, it says how many days before his birthday. And his frontal lobe gotten bit off in his birthday, therefore proving that he could have had fears. Since the bite happened after all this happened

  6. I have a theory that the protagonist is not the victim. In the last little dark screen, you hear a flatline, indicating he is dead. But in the bite of 87, the victim survives. Furthermore, the animatronic ho bit the victim was wandering,but I the mini game, the animatronic is stationary with the protagonist only being bitten because he was forced in tho the mouth

  7. This gives me society of the blind eye chills

  8. How could the same kid seeing all this stuff old enough to dream about working at the pizzeria if it's all a dream?

  9. Took me 20 attempts to click on this video without getting an unskippable ad.

  10. Maybe Scott was right and it was the brother is the trauma like how everytime he triesto scare him and he cries maybe he was doign this when he was young possibly.

  11. My theory about the protagonist was that its most likely a child or sibling that witnessed the bite and the medicine is actually connected to the trauma they experienced and nightmares rather than injuries

  12. OneNote, this is not the bite of 87

  13. Plot twist: bite of 87 victim frontal lobe was heavily damaged, but not destroyed

  14. So um I feel like adding on to mat pats thery what if it Micheal experiencing there’s nightmares and not C,C this could be possible what if Micheal saw the mistake he made and now he’s having nightmares I mean this makes sense the nightmares are based of Foxy,Freddy,Chicka, and Bonnie all the bullies masks and then there’s Golden Freddy who is the CAUSE of death for C.C the reason he has these nightmares Golden Freddy is the main monster but Micheal is scared so scared of himself and the fnaf tormentors he thinks of his mask and his “ friends “ mask as monster that made the nightmares and every time he goes to sleep he has the same nightmare haunting him until his death ……..

    What do you guess think of my thery?

  15. I just want to brag that fnaf 4 came out a DAY before my birthday.

  16. Did, did he just say "Completely Flim Flam the internet"? No, it cant be… No! I don't believe it! The connections were there, in front of our faces! We just had to wait 3 years for them to make sense, on a completely different game platform.

  17. I have a theory crying child doesn’t have a name only nicknames the fan base gave him so it could be that he never even existed EVER he could’ve just been a hallucination of William Afton questioning his sanity

  18. So what I'm hearing is, I should get my frontal lobe removed 😳

  19. "better luck in the movie" WAIT DID THE DUDE PREDICT THE FNAF MOVIE?!

  20. “It’ll take a few weeks ..”
    Scott: a few.. w h a t

  21. Matpat: “HAH see, he can’t be imagining these Bc his imagination doesn’t work like that anymore!” Scott: “have you heard of hallucination disks?”

  22. What if it is someone who watched the bite of 87'?

  23. Ah back when we thought he was the 87 victim.

  24. What if your not playing as the crying child, but the older brother. He's sleeping in his little brother's room and can't sleep and is having nightmares. He's living with the regret of what he did to his brother.

  25. Now I think about it what if the child is having nightmares about foxy and the others is because he’s in recovery but what kind of recovery what if he’s having his frontal lobe replaced so he’s experiencing the fear of the creatures that are haunting him

  26. Remember when we tried to figure out fnaf lore based on science? Me too, now it's just Hee hoo time traveling ballpit

  27. My sleep paralysis demon: * opens its mouth in front of my head at 3am baring all of its razor teeth *
    Me who just got my frontal lobe removed: "yo"

  28. Man scoutt is very angry he don't want the secret people know abouthe hate you bro

  29. Who’s to say that the kid (C.C. Afton) wasn’t afraid before the bite? He was terrified of the things so someone (his brother, Micheal Afton) stuck his head in the animatronic’s mouth and uh oh how unfortunate he died. Because he did. God 😤. No- I know this information wasn’t available in 2015 but it grinds my gears. I hope in the next 50+ episodes MatPat learns.

  30. It confuses me why scot didn't put bonny in the closet as a throw back to the fact that he himself had nightmares of that when making the first game.

  31. fun fact: matpat just keeps on making theories and scott just goes with it

  32. My only question is, It never said he got his frontal lobe got bit off

  33. So umm if I recall correctly one of the calls mentioned that it’s “amazing how long the human body can survive without the frontal lobe” so in other words the kid is dead which could mean the kid is possibly in purgatory forever haunted by the few days that led to his death

  34. Dude's trying to get a scientific explanation to a game where robots get possessed by children who got killed by a purple man

  35. the way he describes frontal lobe injuries makes me think i have a frontal lobe injury

  36. Scott in the into: don't act like you're Sonic

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