Game Theory: FNAF 4 got it ALL WRONG! -

Game Theory: FNAF 4 got it ALL WRONG!

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FNAF 4 is here and this time I’m ready! I had originally planned for this episode to come out before FNAF 4 was released, but you can always count on Scott Cawthon to ruin all my plans… Either way, as soon as I started to see what this game was about in the trailers, I knew I had to come in and set the record straight. This episode is all about the evidence in the game that points straight toward the Bite of 87, as well as how the Bite of 87 itself makes FNAF 4 absolutely IMPOSSIBLE! Happy you guys didn’t have to wait for weeks for this one–enjoy! 🙂

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  2. Lobotomies were common with women in the 50's and often the women ended up a hallow husk of themselves

    well… actually no…

  4. "Sure the game could be about another kid, I guess, but that would be lame." Little did he know…

  5. Scott is pumping out these games faster then covid spread

  6. So you could say…he has flipped his humanity switch?

    Comment if you get it 😔

  7. MatPat: "This story is impossible!"

    Scott: Ohhh, so you want SCIENCE in these games…. sure… I'll give you science…
    I'll even go psychological on ya….
    how about a a disk that produces sound waves, that alter your mind!!! evil cackling

  8. matpat: scott hasent done it correctly
    scott: well im no doctor i just make games
    me: i dont understand brain nightmare new kid no nightmare waaaa

  9. So you are saying a kid with brain damage seeing dreams is too unrealistic but a guy turning into a virus, creating time traveling ball pits, a guy giving birth to a fictional character or a teddie bear body swapping with a teenager is totally realistic? Ok then 🤡🤡🤡🤡

  10. just gonna point out that he had those nightmares BEFORE the bite. Also, the bite causes the character (Christopher Afton) to die. And because of FNaF logic, the nightmare creatures actually are real and can turn intro plushies. (watching this in 2021 lol)

  11. back when the video was released i was like matpat pls its not bito of '87 but '83

  12. Why has no one notice the tyrian music :/

  13. Actually if you are such a “scientist” then you should know that what caused the trauma can’t be unseen. Like a horror film if you saw it it’s still in your mind. If you thought of it, like a monster under your bed, then you will no longer think of that. So that is why he see’s a nightmare Foxy, Freddy, Chica, Bonnie, Fred bears, and of course a nightmare golden Freddy. Nightmare puppet is well… Unknown. But hey that’s just a fact, A SCIENCE FACT. If Matpat see’s this I will faint 😍

  14. Matpat 2015: this is scientifically inaccurate
    Matpat 2020: soooo their is a time traveling ball pit

  15. Actually the bite is the bite of 83 in fnaf 4 because in the minigame/end of night if you stay at the tv in it and press enter it says fredbear’s family dinner: 1983

  16. Its really bein 6 years since fnaf 4 came out its being so long

  17. Even after year’s I only know realise that this only can apply to the night after that cut scene and not the ones before hand. So in a real life stand point it’ll only apply to one night(if I remember correct) not all of them.

  18. You know what I think? This game WAS the bite of 87. THEN, after the game was done or almost done, Scott found out what MatPat discusses here, the frontal lobe issue. So… He changed the year to 1983.

  19. Hey Game theory i have a very big theory, First The player is actually Nightmare.

  20. This video hurts me so bad. He was SO sure it was the bite of 87 XD

  21. Thank you Mattpat for teaching me about the frontal lobe when I was younger, now whenever I see it studying psychology and anatomy I think of this video and franchise.

  22. Scott to Freddy doll in his closet: "AND THEN I'LL TELL THEM ALL IT WAS 1983! AHAHAHAHAHA!!"

  23. Do you think that Michael afton is the one who is in fnaf 4?!

  24. "That chunk probably wasn't important" 10/10 writing.

  25. I remember when this was what we thought this was the most accurate theory

  26. Matt coming up with solid evidence about everything

    Scott: “Here’s a little lesson in trickery!”

  27. What if he still has his frontal lobe but partially damaged but not that part

  28. Some1 could have watched it and be traumatized

  29. Ya know, now I'm not so sure you play as the crying child in FNAF 4. The room you're in each night is very different from the crying child's room in the 8-bit mini games (e.g. there's no window and there are 2 doors instead of 1). Crying child's room structure is even reinforced in Pizzeria Sim (a room with one door and a window), which again looks nothing like the FNAF 4 bedroom.

    So maybe you don't play as the crying child after all, but rather as a kid who witnessed the horrific incident and received a dose of secondhand trauma — the older brother?

  30. Remember when MatPat thought this was the bite of 87?

  31. It took me 2 years to realize film theory and game theory were the same person

  32. i think that he was affraid of the animatronics at first. and thats why his brother and his friends more reconised like "the bullies" are wearing mask that represent foxy, chica, boonie and fredy. bc to bully the kid

  33. Ah yes “little Timmy lost a’ lobe” the true name of the crying child

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