Friday Night Funkin': VS Sonic.EXE Full Week [All Secrets/Cutscenes/Endings] - FNF Creepypasta Mod -

Friday Night Funkin’: VS Sonic.EXE Full Week [All Secrets/Cutscenes/Endings] – FNF Creepypasta Mod

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Jumpscare (?!) Alert! VS Sonic.Exe horror mod for Friday Night Funkin’ has come out! Will it be the best horror creepypasta you’ll ever play? Most likely! Today we will be playing VS Sonic.Exe mod with everything unlocked: All Songs (Too Slow, Execution, Endless), All Animated Cutscenes, Ending, All Secret Codes. For any sonic.exe fan this will be like a buffet of references: the characters (sonic.exe, sonic-X, sonic-Fun), the intro, the sound effects, the secret stuffs, even the death animation! I love everything about this mod! The creator team has done a wonderful job! Check it out!

00:00 Intro Animation
00:12 Mod Intro
00:52 Menu
00:56 Opening Cutscene
1:12 Act 1: Too Slow Song
4:22 Ending Cutscene
4:32 All the secret codes
4:40 You’ve unlocked something special…
4:50 Unlocking Execution Song
5:03 Act ?: Execution Song
7:06 Unlocking Endless Song
7:19 Act Inf.: Endless Song
10:14 Miss & Death Animation
10:26 Secret Code 12-11
10:41 Secret Code 32-8
10:51 Secret Code 41-1
11:00 Secret Code 69-27
11:11 Secret Code 11-09
11:24 Secret Code 08-01
11:32 Secret Code 06-09
11:43 Outro

Friday Night Funkin’: Vs. Sonic.Exe


Rightburst – Directed the mod, made ‘Sonic.exe’ sprites, put the team together, modified some backgrounds, made that one creepy sonic face (used as one of the face assets for the jumpscare), made the ‘Majin BF face’, assets for too-slow ending cutscene, drew assets for end cutscene, and made da logos.

Razencro – Main Programming, animated ‘Sonic.exe’ sprites, drew/animated ‘Sonic.exe’ jumpscare in ‘too-slow’, animated/edited [intro credits video, intro cutscene, ‘too-slow’ beginning cutscene, ‘too-slow’ ending cutscene, trailers], drew a small amount of assets in cutscenes, made story mode menu music, put together menu assets, drew/animated ‘Majin Sonic’ up pose, charted ‘endless’, made some sfxs (some menu sfxs, static sfx, static note mechanic sound and game over sounds, some laugh sounds), modified some backgrounds, made story mode/main menu music, drew that simple jumpscare image in ‘too-slow’, lua modcharted too-slow, animated majin bf boyfriend stuff (also sfxs for dat game over shiz), and video editor.

MarStarBro – Main Composer, Composed ‘Too Slow’ and ‘Endless’, Charted ‘too-slow’, made some sounds effects (jumpscare sound, intro cutscene glitched music/sound, and static note glitched coin sound).

Comgaming_Nz – Did the main stage backgrounds [too-slow, endless], drew assets for trailer n cutscenes [intro cutscene, ‘too-slow’ beginning and end cutscene], set the style for ‘Majin Sonic’ sprites (drew idle pose for ‘Majin Sonic’).

Zekuta – Drew/animated the majority of the ‘Majin Sonic’ poses and animated the secret song background.

Crybit – Programming, helped finish the Story Mode Menu (fixed difficuly selector thing), programmed Sound Test Menu, polished some main menu stuff (cool moving spikies), figure out how to make notes change mid song (endless), programmed cool starting screens, mid song zoom effects (endless), coded cool majin game over stuff, made sound test unlockable, unlock screen, helped add mp4 support, added cool option to help people with poopy pcs not have crashing games cause jumpscare animation, and made note spin thingy in endless.


Vs Sonic.exe X:

Vania – Composed ‘Execution’.

Rightburst – Drew ‘Sonic.exe X’s Sprites.

Razencro – Animated ‘Sonic.exe X’s poses, charted ‘execution’, animated the background stuff, and lua modcharted execution.

Comgaming_Nz – Made the background.

Crybit – Programmed cool starting screen.

Friday Night Funkin’ is a musical rhythm game where you compete in freestyle music battles. Press the arrow keys in time with the music to outdo your opponents and enjoy the cool beats!

Friday Night Funkin’ is also supported by a large community of modders, artists, coders… Many popular Friday Night Funkin’ mods are being enjoyed all over the world such as Vs Whitty, Vs Hex, Vs TABI, Sketchy…

This version of the game is open-source on Github and available under the Apache 2.0 license. If you want the most recent version of FNF, including Week 7, you can play it on Newgrounds.

Get the game and support the creators of the game!


  1. 7:47 i see sonic is tinky winky
    Ok it



  2. Are the hands coming out of Snoc's mouth supposed to be Sonic attempting to escape from Sonic.EXE? Also what are the purple things coming out of his mouth, are they supposed to be his tongue?


  4. Endless sonic is really just here for the good vibes

  5. Sonic.exe: minding his business
    Microphone: exists
    Sonic.exe: W H O G O E S T H E R E

  6. Execution song is the best beat…. I like it….

  7. I love the easter egg from Sonic CD,
    And the instrumental part of "Execution" Song in 6:05
    It has a start from the soundtrack "Confronting Yourself"

  8. Looks like all the creepypastas are taking over Fnf

  9. Is it just me or does he sound like lumpy touch

  10. Sonic.exe:*casually touches girl friends hair with his tongue*
    Bf:Ok cool lets do the funni rap

  11. endless sonic is good and i think her endless is means endless for fun

  12. ok so jokes aside the misuc SLAPS BRO LIKE OMG ITS TO GOOD I CANT- 🥵😩💅🏻💜💜💜

  13. to be honest sonics vocels on the execution song sounds like triky and the start i think its like a rose refrence lol

  14. The execution song sounds like the thorns song

  15. I hate when people died with censored eyes

    Feck you

  16. 7:25 it looks like Is Endless theme song like undertale last breath phase 3 Enigmatic encounter ost

  17. I've always wondered what he meant by I am God like what does me mean is he breaking the fourth wall or does he know he is the mc of a videogame

  18. He was finally out of my head,but looks like he's back:D

  19. 9:13 tricky expuration 😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳?????

  20. Wait Execution's beggining sounds like Thorns


  22. My favourite song is execution

  23. in endless, that death animation was different

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