FREDDY FOLLOWED YOU HOME | Joy of Creation: Story Mode - Part 1 -

FREDDY FOLLOWED YOU HOME | Joy of Creation: Story Mode – Part 1

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The Joy of Creation STORY MODE is finally here! Join me as we play one of the best Five Nights at Freddy’s fan games ever made!
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  1. It is easy if you follow what he says..

  2. Okay, i know this game is over 6 years old, but I'd like to give a complete breakdown on this memory:
    – Freddy will come to the window, at first only making his arm visible. When he starts peeking through the window, you must turn off the curtains until you hear a moaning sound.
    – Bonnie will knock at the door. After his third knock, he will barge inside. All you have to do is turn off the light and duck down. It's important to note that Bonnie can sometimes knock only twice, in which he will not barge into your room.
    – Chica will appear in a doorway, and will stun you and lower your sanity if you don't fend her off. To do this, you must turn off the light and stare at her. Chica can only spawn if Freddy and Bonnie have attacked.
    – Foxy will scratch at your crib, and then put his hook on your crib. When this happens, you must turn off your light and pretend to sleep. Foxy can only spawn if Freddy, Bonnie, and Chica have attacked.
    – Your sanity will decrease if you're in the dark, staring at an animatronic, or stunned by Chica. The monitor on the other side of the room will show your sanity: green means good, yellow is meh, orange is bad, and red is insane. When Insanity starts, sound effects will be distorted, blood will appear to fall from the ceiling, and hallucination animatronics will spawn. After each of these effects occur, Golden Freddy will kill you.
    – At 5 AM, you will immediately go insane. Don't worry; if you weren't previously insane, you'll be able to get through this segment.
    – Opening the curtains when Michael first mentions Freddy will get you a newspaper scrap.
    – Pressing the Freddy poster will make a honk sound.
    – Pressing the Popgoes sign will make a Pop! Goes the Weasel song play.

  3. The voice acting in this game is just 'chefs kiss'

  4. Chica really just stands in a closet for 6 hours straight

  5. him askign questions the second after WELL HELLO every body my name is markiplier

  6. Micheal: "Dont stare at the animatronics"
    Mark: stares intensely at all of them

  7. Micheal: Gives a clean explanation of what to do
    Mark: I DoN't KnOw WhAt Do tO???

  8. heartbeat sound effects in stressful situations make me extremely horrified and anxious.
    imagine my fear and stress during the scene when the child starts seeing blood and he's shaking frantically


    easily in my top ten Mark quotes

  10. It's such a shame that FNAF+ never saw the light of day. Many fans were so hyped up, it probably could've been as big as TJOC

  11. "I'm fubbernucked anyway, so bring it on"!

  12. Mark: screaming
    Foxy: well i convinced that this dude is just going crazy

  13. I'm convinced Mark was barely listening during the phone call due to the rapid rate he forgot every piece of information he gave 💀💀

  14. thanks for translating the title and stuff

  15. watching this in 2024 lol 😂🤦🏻‍♀.

  16. Mark shout-singing "I'm sleeping! I'm sleeping! Can you hear me snoring!" at the killer robots is so comical it always makes me laugh

  17. Bonnie: Hmm Lemme Check the child if he’s sleeping okay he’s sleeping

  18. I accidently turned up my volume at the start. So I got ear rapped from Chica and then for some reason I held my headphones tighter and then he got jumpscared again and I started dying in realy life lol

  19. How old is young nick? Im not judging but why is he in a crib

  20. 1:30 mark like “wail,what happened to my career”😂😂

  21. Tjoc not funny's not so but why foxy's done but story mode? but…

  22. Freddy outsihe mark foxy's done but Freddy why? It's eyeballs bonnie eyeball die😢😢😢

  23. Did anybody else just remember this amazing horror game and start rewatching mark play it?

  24. I don’t like this I hate it😡😢🤬😱👻

  25. why was i actually surprised to see that youtube recognized the game

  26. There a Roblox version of this game right now

  27. I love how every fnaf game mark goes in like- ALRIGHT LETS DO IT- followed by udder terror and confusion on the first night

  28. first comment in a couple of years. as this video is probably forgotten. still cant stop wathcing them because they are addictive. including markipliers funny videos other as well that are old

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