Fredbear and Friends: The BEST FNAF Fan Game -

Fredbear and Friends: The BEST FNAF Fan Game

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Fredbear and Friends: Left to Rot – The BEST FNAF Fan Game

Music Used:
Leon Riskin – Where Dreams Die
Leon Riskin – Sleep No More
Leon Riskin – Hibernating Evil
Leon Riskin – Sonata for the Fallen
Leon Riskin – Last Breath

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  1. plain trace is too scared to cover fnia

  2. A fnaf fangame classic that I think should be up there is five nights at warios 3. Not only is it SUPER underrated, but the controls and lore to it is so creepy and cool! You should check it out to see what I mean!

  3. I feel like there isn’t a “best” fnaf fan game, since everyone has their own preferences of what they want/like in a fan game.

  4. I find fnaf fan games that don’t have good gameplay (with or without visual polish) makes me not wanna play them. Like fnac sure the story is cool and all but fnac 3 for example is literarly just shine the light at the monster until it goes away. I like fivenightsattreasure island (haven’t finished yet) though and can’t wait to give oblitus casa a try

  5. 13:17

    Anyone notice that the camera layout/map is practically the FNAF 1 location when you look at it upside down?

  6. I remember playing Insanity back in the day… Basically a FNaF 2 like horror game with much more grotesque and nightmarish looking animatronics. Scared the crap outta me back in the day

  7. Why did security fredbear had a chainsaw? Chaisaw bear

  8. I love this fangame. It's the only one i went "Goddamn, pause the video, i have to play this myself." And i went untill night 5 when i stopped. Really need to finish it. I love the artstyle and animation. It's really scary

  9. “And keep the toxicity meter down “ twitter be taking notes right now.

  10. "Please let me know in the description"

    I would but I do not have access to your youtube account


  11. the way 3:27 scared the shit out of me i didnt froze and felt my literal throat choke up ToT

  12. 1:07 of course, The Joy of Creation 🤣🤣, nah just kidding, I knew you played that game but honestly I think it's the better fnaf fan game ever

  13. Security Freddy: I fear no man but that thing (a piece of paper) it scares me

  14. Bruh this game is my nightmare for real and i get stuffed in the dream which it was pooling with bløød
    It was scary i still get the nightmare every now and then.

  15. But when we click on the door, this happens:

    "Want to only pay $50 a month for Wi-Fi? Now at T-Mobil, you can pay only $50 a month"

  16. like ,,the joy of creation,, is like a little bit beter

  17. Heyyyy, have you tried playing five nights at maggies? If not…well can you play it? I seriously can’t get past night 3 idk why

  18. Can you pleaseeee try fnam(five nights AT Maggie's), thanks

  19. I saw the FNAF 4 doors in night 3, similar layout to the FNAF 2 office on 4, and FNAF 3 office on 5th night

  20. Yes I do agree this is a really good fan game and the best… for now (;

  21. how that that fnaf community seems to forgot about that game
    i still playing it sometimes but one thing that i hate is….. rotten animatronics,they are annoying

  22. It almost feels like each night could be expanded into it's own game itself.

  23. Tjoc is the best fnaf fan game have ever released

  24. Honestly, if I had to pinpoint the single BEST FNAF fangame in terms of original designs, horror and gameplay, at least in my opinion…I would choose Flumpty's 3. The gameplay is intense, the parody angle is clearly visible while also adding it's own horror, ESPECIALLY on the Flumpty night, which shows some actually pretty distubing and freaky imagery, the sheer concept of a teperature managment system being done in this way is something actually very original and adds that extra layer of tension and depth to the gameplay that wouldn't be there otherwise, is legitimately funny in places and finally, the game is a completely unique take on the FNAF fromula. If I had a ranking of the best FNAFfangames these would definetly include Dayshift at Freddy's 3, Treasure Island, The Joy Of Creation: Story Mode, Jr's and Final Nights 4. If I had to pick one with the best STORY then it ould be a tie between Dayshift at Freddy's 3, Candy's 3, Final Nights series and Jr's. Like these have actual characters with personalities and developments, actual plot twists, overarching conflicts and some semblance of progression from one game to the next?

  25. you say every fangame you review is the best one, this clickbait stuff is insane

  26. Still not better than five nights at cringe

  27. 3:28 hang up that computer call and come here and kiss me ony hot mouth im fealing romantical❤

  28. Have you played polardread? Its very scary since it's vr and very stressful later in the game

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