Fortnite x Five Nights At Freddy's Arrives -

Fortnite x Five Nights At Freddy’s Arrives

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Fortnite x Five Nights At Freddy’s Coming This Year? #fortnite #shorts #chapter4 #fivenightsatfreddys #fnaf

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  1. bro i listened to dis emote and heard it before dis video was releesed

  2. And in chapter 3 s2 they realesed a music disc and it was the same as the security breach entro theme son turn your volume to 100 and here it say very quietly (meet glamarock Freddy)

  3. The reality is that the clock is very much likely a stock sound because Scott used stock sounds for most of his games

  4. No pls no, because I will see so many five nights at Freddy's skins, and it will be scary pls don't like the video pls😱😰🙏

  5. Freddy running around with a sniper while bonnie is trying to eliminate Chica and foxy looting.

  6. tbh

    fnaf x fortnite does not match at all. i mean, if this does happens, we would have 6 year olds saying "omg mommy its freddy fazbear from fortnite"

    what im basically saying is please for the love of god dont let this happen

  7. For god’s sake I do not want to get dunked on by fucking bonnie in a game. Thats cursed af

  8. At some point, I don't believe this would be possible, the og animatronics would look kinda weird in the game, unless epic games would use the toy animatronics, or the glamrocks.

  9. theres a chance but it is a stock sound soo it would be perfect timing

  10. Just being honest the animanatronics are taller than peely making it one of the hardest Collabs to do

  11. The problem with the crossover theories is that it will ruin the art of five nights at Freddy’s. It will be more prominent in fortnite other than it’s own media which is why it’s better if we didn’t have a crossover so then it wouldn’t ruin FNAF

  12. or… that’s just the generic default noise of a clock tower? don’t make it into something that it’s not

  13. Dude, it’s not gonna happen. Scott won’t let it happen.

  14. SO I WASN'T CRAZY, I heard that as well. But those are just free sounds anyone can use, similar to the BB sound.

  15. It is said to be coming to Fortnite this chapter

  16. I would fucking freak out if I could run around as Freddy in fortnite

  17. Y'all are dumb this is not happening the likely hood it would will be a couple years from now.

  18. Also this video is just made for veiws😁

  19. Scott wouldn't do a collaboration

  20. I swear if it happend this will be the best fortnitemares ever 🔥

  21. She is definitely right so far Fort Davis we both like we might get the fortnitemares skins of The Nightmare form for Five Nights at Freddy's 4 so yeah I'm very excited for that A+ whoever said we're not going to get a collab you need to look at the new October sign that purple does looks exactly like the movie purple dust from the movie poster so yeah we're totally getting Five Nights at Freddy's🐻🐰🐥🦊

  22. i hope it never gets added, i dont want to see freddy twerking

  23. la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la laaaa

  24. Just cuz you heard a sound affect from it dont mean they gonna make a collab

  25. Fortnite fans when a clock sounds like a clock:

  26. Anything any sound people find or skin they say it’s from a movie or a game Fortnite gonna collab with like chill dam

  27. People when Scott and a game use the same stock sound:😱😱😱

  28. It's gonna happen sooner or later like no matter what. fnaf is one of the biggest horror games/books/movie fortnite is one of the best shooter games its gotta happen soon

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