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theft king
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My apologies Springtrap, but I would rather not come closer and be stuffed in an animatronic suit. After months of waiting, we finally get to see the man behind the slaughter!

It’s been so long since the last FNAF VHS episode! With the release of the first teaser for Battington’s new FNAF VHS content, it was as good a time as any to do a proper series retrospective.

I’ve seen a lot of incredible designs for the the FNAF animatronics, but these are still my favorite I think. JR’s is a close second, though it’s hard to compare designs from FNAF games directly with scary FNAF videos like these.

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Lavender Town (Pokemon) – Soulkrieg: youtu.be/CGVDLxa_3rI
Hell’s Whisper (Disgaea)
Lo Fi Fazbear Hills (FNAF World) – Gabrimer: youtu.be/H4d_Cv-5Cbo
8-Bit Devil Trigger (DMC5) – 40Nix: youtu.be/ZT4ImIQ7lRc

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  1. Coffee pot! Robot! Scott! No but in all seriousness, I love your analysis of this series. You should expand your content into online horror series analysis, provided its aesthetically similar to fnaf

  2. Remember kids; Battington is a bat. Theft King is an scp. Bats dont eat fruit, bats eat Mr. Noodle Noodles, and Mr. Noodle Noodles are also an scp. Some bats eat fruit, like fruit bats, but Battington eats Mr. Noodle Noodles.

  3. Love this deep dive/ explanation. You pointed out details that I hadn’t noticed on multiple rewatches eg; Spring trap’s ears in sound response and the door opening in Bonnie’s test.

  4. for the chica one, i feel so bad for chica. in my thoughts, she’s just trying to help the child yet she is portrayed to the child as scary.
    idk if i’m right but j my thoughts

  5. You . . . You do know that, animation takes time, there's a script, prototype, voice acting, cuts, more cuts, reshoots, And more

  6. The music at the outro, is that real? Does anybody know the name?

  7. How did you remove the VHS filter?

  8. Even when I watch this I get shrives down my spine and it's truly horrifying honestly I don't think I will be able to sleep tonight.

  9. If you pause fast enough a second before the Discard it immediately text goes away you can see foxy stuffed

  10. I feel like Battington should at one point take inspiration from the books and just make their joints start spinning wildly.

  11. At 9:57 i swear when i first saw this i teared up because of how scary it was and how it looked

  12. In the Pirates cove pre-show you missed a secret that I found which that secret is when the warning pop up goes away. As soon as the pop up goes a away, for a split second you can see that Foxy is now stuffed with the fourth missing dead kid.

  13. I know this isn't exactly a new trend per-se but it's definitely interesting to see animated recreations of events from the "FNAF" games. Especially when they go into so much depth and detail like this. Some stay very close and faithful while others introduce their own little twists into the narrative. Honestly, it really does take me back to the general atmosphere of the first couple entries, back when things were so much simpler and relatively straightforward.

    Aside from that, to go on somewhat of a tangent, I thought I was just hearing things but nope, you played Whisper of Hell (or Hell's Whisper) from "Disgaea 1" for most of the video. It's listed right there in the credits. I'm always kind of surprised to hear some tracks from niche IPs I'm familiar with just pop up in random videos I come across. Just kind of don't expect it ever. Either way, if it fits, it fits.

  14. Honnestly when I saw this part on the original video 4:00 when freddy dissapeared i couldnt stop myself from laughing, it reminded me of those memes where people go "a" and dissapear

  15. I'm glad I saw the origs before they were taken down

  16. of course, I see this when i'm about too take a shit.

  17. 9:38
    If you pause that section of that vid just right after the warning label you'll actually be able to see Foxy in the same condition as the other animatronics. Just thought I'd share that info.

  18. Great video I’ve heard what you’ve been through I know you are most likely aren’t going to see this but I wish you the rest of luck

  19. I'm so happy battington decided to return. Squimpus is a crybaby, I honestly would've ignored squimpus as the dude clearly said he didn't want to be part of the analog horror community. Good riddance I say, make way for battington. I hope just to stick it to squimpus, battington will release the last episodes of squimpus series. He did one up squimpus

  20. Everyone talk about this but nobody talks about harmony&horror

  21. Yknow I'm ngl, Squimpus requesting that of Battington to not remake his videos is like..semi petty? Idk the word, I only say that cuz yknow, Squimpus like, said they weren't gonna do anything with the FNAF vhs tapes or anything along the lines. I know someone's gonna say like "oh but they can do what they want with their own content" well..I'd understand that if Squimpus owned FNAF or something or like was the creator, but that's like someone on TikTok that first used a sound starts telling people not to use it or make their own video with it, idk if that makes much sense but yeah, Battington obv had high inspiration even after making their own stuff but yeah, ppl are gonna reanimate stuff, and it's not all gonna be original

  22. 7:15 holy shit I actually never noticed the pair of ears back there before. that's crazy

  23. i cant run from Mystic wise elder tree

  24. Finally I see a reference to the bite of 87

  25. Gotta luv the outro 😭😭😭 the low quality makes it even better

  26. i can't help but think "what if the fnaf series? already happened before? and everyone is not allowed to talk about it" xD


    What do you think the scariest FNAF VHS/FNAF analog horror video is? Let me know, and thanks so much for watching!

    It's been so long since the last FNAF VHS episode! With the release of the first teaser for Battington's new FNAF VHS content, it was as good a time as any to do a proper series retrospective!

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