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FNAFENO | The Illegal FNAF Game

theft king
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EDIT: Nope, the game is back up –

My buddy @Nightmare Keys came across a FNAF game on the XBOX Store. I checked it out, and it led me down a path to seeing just how badly people are ripping off Scott. It’s even happening in our own backyards.

Special thanks to @Throwaway Account for helping with production of this video! Please go give him a sub!


For those unaware, I have recently issued an apology – you can read it here:

I will not be responding to Kane’s video; I am just going to keep moving forward.

Please don’t discuss the controversy in the comments of this video – there are plenty of other avenues in which to talk about it.


Unity Asset Store: youtu.be/q5ejxITvEh8
TwoStar: youtu.be/XAyn6bBZwgc


DKC2 – Stickerbrush Symphony

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  1. 30 something… damn bro… growing up isn't a option here. 🤡

  2. i remeber seeing if i counld SC on my Xbox and Found this

    btw microsoft sucks and still up

  3. I saw this on xbox and was smart enough to look in to it and not get it.

  4. Its been a While since i saw This game but it Looks an Awfull lot like a Game by a small Game developer called Rafael Braza or 616 Games

  5. I remember my friend was at my house and we were looking at random games and found that and a 5$ poppy playtime flappy bird game and a 1$ fnf memory game

  6. I hope you're doing okay, theft. It's okay to cry, it's okay to run away, no one is perfect.

  7. theft king cool i hope he don't get no more harm.

  8. ima try and get that kit and make a fnaf game out of it

  9. I just looked it's still on the Microsoft store

  10. "please dont take advantage of gamejolts oversights" bro pirating games exists

  11. EDIT: To me, FNAFENO says that the requested page is lost.

  12. There is a fake scott on the appstore pirating the games

  13. I don’t think there’s anything wrong with pirating Scott Cawthon’s games considering where your money will go if you actually buy them

  14. wait this isnt even his game the game is called black butterfly and is a bad horror game on steam made by rafael braza i know it because a german youtuber called sev made multiple videos about rafael braza and i remember him playing this game XD

  15. You know its bad when he’s lost most of his subs over night, pretty much.

  16. I keep seeing people keep posting about the drama. Guys, let it go. The more you guys keep talking about it, the longer it stays relevant. If you truly want things to go back to normal and for everyone to be chill again, let things go. It's in the past, can't do anything to change it.

  17. 0:13 why did you need to point that out as if russian people are not humans at all. its humiliating to my girlfriend at the least. i dont get what was you point if its a russian discord server or english or fucking brazilian whats the matter dude?

  18. From what i noticed of the gameplay it kinda has the same mechanics as Resident and Evil 4, 7 and 8

  19. They can also get money from ads

  20. I found this game on my Xbox one and I thought it wasn’t fake but it was by why is it called fnafeno like what the heck even though I understand the video and what you said and I hate the game on the Xbox store and it’s and I’m thinking it’s a ripoff security breach game on Xbox and Xbox series s

  21. Reverse engineer means to decompile the games code than recompile it in a different state

  22. The Official "Project Shadow" Youtube Channel says:

    It is I, senor fredo

  23. The game was taken down and security breach is now on xbox but only by disk

  24. what do i do to ask scott if i can put a fnaf fan game

  25. They put it back up under the name "fnafena" lol

  26. Scott says he is fine with FNAF fan games but fnafeno is really gonna get Scott mad

  27. *CORRECTION: FNAFENO is back up on the Xbox store!*

    There are a few words that are currently filtered on my comments. I'm not trying to censor anyone, I just don't want any negativity about that stuff on a video that has nothing to do with it. There are many, many appropriate places for you to express your dissatisfaction with me or anyone else, but please not here. I'm trying to move on. Check the description for more info + my apology statement from earlier.

    I hope you enjoy the video.

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