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FNaF World is a GOOD GAME

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We’re analyzing why FNaF World is a good game!

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Five Nights at Freddy’s World is the biggest flop of the Five Nights at Freddy’s series so far, but the actual game itself it good. In this video, we discuss exactly how this game is good!

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0:00 – Intro
0:17 – FNaF 4: The Final Chapter
0:51 – Teasers + Trailer
2:30 – The game’s release
4:26 – Widening the audience
6:30 – Easy to pick up
7:50 – 8 Endings
9:22 – Story connections
10:21 – Music
12:10 – The Bad
14:47 – Conclusion


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  1. I agree fnaf world is good and presented like it was shown fnaf sb didn’t

  2. You don't seem to actually know why the game was pulled from the store and why it was viewed so negatively. It wasn't just that it was not a traditional FNAF game, but also because on launch, the game was crappy Atari-style graphics on the overworld the entire time, making the trailer a blatant lie (at the time. Eventually, Scott patched it). The launch version of the game gave players the impression that the game was a sloppy, lazy mess and a far cry from what the trailer had promised.

    Scott pulled down the game out of shame for not living up to the expectations that the audience had for FNAF World based on its trailer, NOT because people hated it for being different from the mainline series.

    This video comes off as historical revision, whether by intention or through lack of effort in research.

  3. I want a squel so I can play with the new Foxy models and Roxanne.

  4. Heh.I managed to download Fnaf world on MOBILE

  5. I was fan of fnaf when its only had 1 and 2 its was well 3 and 4 was ok to but 5-7 i did liked beause freddy became not freddy freddy 6 still better than freddy 5 and 7 but i have to say fnaf world was legendary game i wanted it to get updates but i know scott hated this game its sadly for me

  6. I always loved Fnaf world idk why they hated it so much

  7. Is it embarrassing that this is the only FNaF game ive beaten despite playing all of them and being a fan of the series since the first demo ever

  8. Now I just discovered that Fnaf world exist and then a few days later, I got attached to the game like I love it I love the endings and the characters and the design of the characters, and I actually thought that this game was a very popular game but I actually didn't know that this game was hated😢

    Also, I have figured out that you can enter the game Files very easily, so yeah, you might think that just coding the game to make yourself overpowered is not fun but actually I feel like having more fun than playing the game normally

  9. I really wish this game continued to get updates or got a sequel, imagine SL, Pizza Sim, Help Wanted (basically just GlitchTrap lmao) or (even though I hate the game) SB characters as their adventure self! It would be amazing!!

  10. This game will forever have a place in my heart.

  11. Dislike atanlar fnaf world oynamamış veya oyundan anlamayan kişilerdir fnaf world>>>>>>>

  12. i always loved this game as a kid, it was even the first fnaf game i could ever play! and i always wondered why it was so hated! like, I still play the game to this day and its still fun!

  13. FNAF World is my favorite game in the franchise. I LOVE strategy RPGs, especially collection RPGs. It’s why I’m such a massive fan of Pokémon and stuck with Raid: Shadow Legends, Fire Emblem: Heroes, and other gacha games for as long as I did. Personally, I think the main issues people had with it are that
    1) It was a massive tone shift for the series, especially coming off the heels of FNaF 4.
    2) The original release did lack features shown in the trailer, namely the 3D Freddy and Overworld.
    3) Scott was extremely wishy-washy about the canonicity and even the story of it all, making most people disregard it in any discussions.
    As much as I hate that this game got shoved into the background, never to be revisited beyond update 2, I understand why it did.

  14. fnaf world is goated🗣🔥🔥🔥🔥

  15. Fnaf world is a perfect example of how you should like a game for what it is and not hate it for what it isn't

  16. I think fnaf world was the start of fnaf no longer being scary yeah you got fnaf help wanted but the games slowly lost the same scary factor they use to have

  17. i loved the first 4 games and loved fnaf world the people who dont life fnaf world just dosent like fnaf

  18. Call me crazy , throw tomatoes at me , idk , FNAF WORLD BEST GAME IN THE FRANCHISE

  19. It was never a bad game it’s always been good it was just so different compared to the rest of the games and people like to talk shit and hate on everything just for the hell of it so ofc it would be hated

  20. Fnaf works is so different from fnaf I couldn’t compare the 2 that’s why it’s so easy to not like the game because that’s not my taste, not that it’s bad. So If I want to play a game like fnaf world I will go play Genshin impact or Pokémon when I feel like it

  21. If people wouldn't mass hate FNaF World without seeing it's good sides, then we would get update 3. I hope that one day someone will make fan-made update 3.

  22. Honestly so upset to figure out it was coming to mobile but everyone just hated it for such a little reason it got cancelled

  23. I hopped on the fnaf world hate train when I was younger, cus I was a dumb stinking kid. But looking back at the fnaf series recently due to the resurgence, I realized the idea of fnaf world sounds pretty fun to me, lf not small and limited in terms of content. lf some of the backdrops or map graphics weren’t so scuffed, lt might actually be one of my regularly played comfort games. Then stumbled on this video and found people feeling the same ls pretty cool

  24. I had fun with FNAF world. Funnily enough, it’s one of my favourite RPG games. I never really let the cons bug me at all either.

  25. “My world was filled with colourful creatures, but you all wanted to be scared!”

  26. Fnaf went from being delayed by 2 days to 2 years 😂

  27. i played this game ages ago when i was like 11 and i had no idea the game was hated until recently. I loved it

  28. I’m excited to play it, never have but I’ve heard many good things about it!

  29. i am so mad that we never got to see the full game, WE caused this, I have never been so disappointed in the FNaF community

  30. Imagine you could either buy undertale on 15th of september of fnaf world on 30th

  31. your tone of voice sounds like you're angrily yelling at the viewer the entire video

  32. The problem wasn't that it was a bad game, but fnaf game. It it was a new title i think it wouldn't have had the same backlash

  33. For a fan of Fnaf, who is easily scared and doesn't like to play through the games, but rather watch playthroughs, this game was perfect. It still had some sort of level of horror and being unsettling without it being too much, so the fans that are too scared to play the mainline games have something to play for themselves. They don't have to sit back and watch playthroughs and skipping the jumpscares, now they can play the game and discover things on their own, rather than watching others discover things first. I am one of these fans. I like the story, the characters, and the lore, but I can't bring myself to play the games because I am easily scared, and horror isn't my usual cup of tea. This game was like an oasis in a desert to me, a Fnaf game that I can actually play and enjoy playing without being paranoid or getting jumpscared. I really wished that Scott would've finished it instead of caving from the pressure of those who didn't like the game. Sure I have my complaints that there should've been a way to see character stats like attack, defense, speed, etc., that there shouldn't be a loading screen when you're just looking at party members, or changing equipment, that there would at least be a tutorial, and there would be a character that was a move tutor, teaching different party members a set of moves that they could learn, kinda like TMs from Pokémon. If Scott didn't cave and listened to the complaints and suggestions of those who played and wanted to see the game finished, then so many things could've been better and would've gotten fixed.

  34. I Like fnaf world because it’s an rpg with multiple ways to get to many different places with its attacks

  35. I Like Like Because Like Is Like And That's Why I Like Like

  36. who the heckity heck heck hates this game? it's the best, I've never played it but I've watched people play and it looks VERY epic and tbh in my opinion, I LOVEEE rpg games AND fnaf.

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