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FNAF World but I lose a character after every fight

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Another showcase of how easy messing with fnaf world game save files are, by doing a run where I don’t GAIN characters, I LOSE them.

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With editing help from @nikedman8367

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Neon Man – Rijko
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  1. “Uh six is.. toy chica and 8 is.. nightmare mangle” 💀

  2. We won guys!

    "Mr.Fazbear, i dont feel so good"

  3. Voidbear, AKA FNAF and Undertale can be friends says:

    Is there a FNaF World randomizer? Maybe that would be fun

  4. Cereal can be a soup because some soups are meant to be cold.

  5. AstralSpiff: loses phantom puppet

    Also AstralSpiff: N i g h t m a r e M a n g l e

  6. does anyone happen to have a link to the full vod for this video ? I can't seem to find it :/

  7. started playing fnaf world last night and decided I wanted to do a "mostly foxes" run and it's hilariously heartbreaking hearing Spiff call all of my aces "shits" lmfaooooo (Freddy's "Birthday" move is pretty good tbh!)


  9. watching this as I’m having a mental breakdown. Thanks for the comfort spiff❤

  10. After you get below 8 Characters make the one that you lose -level so they die instantly

  11. Btw i beat scott in 5 sec with purple guy i press slasher its kills scott in first….

  12. That feeling when “I’ve won, but at what cost?” becomes severely overused.

  13. Hell Yeah I freaking love FNAF World so much

  14. The only reason scott was continuing the series after 4 was because no one could open the box. He has hinted at it multiples times in the games after and we still csnt open it. WHAT IS THE ANSWER?

  15. How do you get into the files of FNaF World?

  16. This game reminds me of pokemon but fnaf

  17. I will not except your trash talking towards Nightmare Fredbear. (Besides, he comes before Nightmare)

  18. atleast someone plays fnaf world too 🙂

  19. 2:48: Astral: nightmare mangle
    Phantom puppet: am i a joke to you

  20. In hungary we eat this thing called fruit soup, it's eaten cold, but it's still a soup

    Also, if cerial is not soup because its cold, what if I heat up the cerial, is it soup then?

  21. 8:03 OBJECTION! Here in the Baltic states (except Estonia), eat such thing called as "cold soup'' or "Šaltibarščiai" or "Barbie soup". It counts as a soup and IS eaten cold! But im not defending that cereal is a soup.

  22. i just heard my mom moaning loudly from her room.

  23. Would you Recommend this to someone who doesnt like jumpscares? As a first Fnaf game

  24. Nightmare is now canonically my favourite FNaF character


  26. "cereal is not soup because its col" COLD SOUPS EXIST!!

  27. Tbh fnsf world needs a sequel or a update to add new characters /:

  28. Why do ppl hate on FNaF world?! It’s like two of the best games together, Pokémon and FNaF, ITS AMAZING, and the characters Are so adorable!!

  29. Idea: Fnaf world but you don’t level up

  30. I saw your FNaF World custom challenges many times and they are by far your best videos in my opinion
    still fun

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