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FNAF : Witness _ Gameplay Animation _ ORIGINAL

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For a better enjoyment of this video and a better immersion, it is recommended to wear headphones and set your place in complete dark.

After almost 2 years in the making, here it is at last. Some years ago, I came across a model of Bonnie created by Schonn “ceilinmby pep” Hirst, based on a concept by Tg_Weaver. I saw in this character an amazing animating potential, and after making a little feature video ( ), I got that idea to combine them in a long video with the “drawkill” version of the animatronics, as they were made by the same modeller and have similar aspects. The first idea was to make a short fake gameplay sequence, like a concept, as I did for Hotline Miami some years ago ( ).
I got in touch with Jonathan “Laphin” Jones, to who asked to create some voices for me. He did an amazing job, so amazing I decided to expand my gameplay to something longer.
As there was no FNAF : Sister’s Location at the time, the story was inspired by an old theory that I liked, so of course this video is NOT completly accurate to the universe of Scott Cawthon. But I still like to think it works in his own way, and I hope you’ll feel the same !
I took a lot of inspirations from various horror games, my biggest one being “Cry of Fear” by Team Psykskallar (which remains one of my most favorite Survival Horror games), notably with the Drawkill Bonnie sequence and the music direction.

Now, sit back, and enjoy the show !

Created by Samuel “Lucifersam01” Toniolo ( )

Based on characters and story created by Scott Cawthon ( )

Characters Modelling, rigging and texturing by Schonn “ceilinmby pep” Hirst ( )
and Everything_Animations ( )

Based on designs created by Drawkill ( )
TG_Weaver ( )

Voice acting :
Animatronics – Jonathan “Laphin” Jones ( )
Brother and his friends – Kyle “ItsameWario” DeNigris ( )
Mother – Yasmin “MistressFlame” McPhee ( )

Drawings and pizza box : Meryl “MunB” Brings ( )

Musics composed and performed by DeltaHedron ( )

Special thanks to MrBreino ( ) for the helping get in contact with DeltaHedron and forcing me to finish this video !

Youtube English Subtitles by Diemand The Animatronic Wolf :


  1. i this game we are playing christoper afton I guess

  2. OMG that was amazing. the plot twist and just EVERYTHING was amazing no wonder i didn't see drawkill bonnie…my guess is that The bonnie who helped the child was Drawkill bonnie but in a more purified form and so Bonnie wanted to free her/his friends so he/her turned to the kid for help who later got changed into the Puppet/Mari and Finally finished off William/Purple guy. I assume i am wrong but it's a 50/50 ik i was right about 1 thing. but the last part made me think that the souls of the drawkill animatronics were tell them what to do in order to help them

  3. Our viewers counting when you collect those children jumpscreams, if we don't have jumpscreams, we have no festive power, it's a danger work in Freddy Fazbear's pizza we've got about 5 days of the shut down factory of company Animatronics Incompareted
    We need jumpscarers like… like…
    Five Nights at Freddy's.

  4. is it where the drawkills actually come from?

  5. I used to watch this when I was 6 or sm like that and I finaly finded the vid yes

  6. Por fin encontré el video q me gusto🧍‍♀️🤙

  7. In the scene when freddy grab bonnie i cry

  8. This is an amazing video. Earrie is adorable
    If this was turned into an actual game, the mechanics would be phenomenal. I would love to see a game like this

  9. Oh god I watched this years ago and it just suddenly popped up in my recommended this is great I remember really adoring this and I still really do it’s so nice looking back at this

  10. Los creadores del juego: somos fans de Bonnie y además somos gays por eso vamos a hacer a Bonnie mujer

    Yo: mames por qué Bonnie tiene cuerpo mujer wey

  11. Dude the drawkills looks so cool this needs to be a game!

  12. The Drawkills will always be my favourite fan made version of fnaf and the joy of creation

  13. I remember being absolutely obsessed with this video (still am) and how the storyline was made!

  14. I like that the first thing that happens is foxy comes around and he hides under the bed right in front of Bonnie's but lol

  15. Someone should adapt this into a actual game.

  16. I dont get why are they attacking him? Are they nightmares or something that controlled them or test of strength


    A great way to start a Splendid day

  18. Bro i watched that when i was young

  19. Just a guy who has red and blue mark in his face says:

    thank you for your sacrifice if i were you i would be terrified in just couple sec. ✋👁👅👁🤚

  20. Still rewatching this in 2021 huh.. I need this to be a GAMEEE

  21. I was young when I thought if it was an actual game lol

  22. I love fnaf. But this story made me cry. Change if I wrote something wrong

  23. At the time I started creating this video, there was no FNAF : Sister's Location yet, which brought more response to the original FNAF lore. This story was inspired by an old theory that I liked, so of course this video is NOT completly accurate to the universe of Scott Cawthon. But I still like to think it works in his own way, and I hope you'll feel the same !

    EDIT : it's been 4 years, and this video has reached 4 millions views and he still receiving comments daily! It feels like those 2 years of work were completely worth it! Thanks a lot people you are all awesome!!!!!

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