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FNAF VR’s DREAD-ful New Game! | Curse of Dreadbear (FNAF VR Help Wanted DLC)

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FNAF VR has released a new DLC just in time for Halloween! Time to get SPOOKED in VR as we return to the world of FNAF VR: Help Wanted! Boo!

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  1. He wears glasses too?? Matpat is my spirit animal. If I have a FNAF party for my 30th coming up, do you think he'd show up?

  2. I like how he sees fire when it’s just water reflecting the moon

  3. Not know is the wolf a connection to the novels, but a Halloween party in 1983 also connects to the books.

  4. What do big houses have to do with getting better candy? The full candy bar? "Candy bar."


  5. The animatronics in the Trick or Treat level are the Withereds. Chica definite, and Freddy looks like Withered Freddy, I think. Foxy, too.

  6. You do not have to go to a YouTube event because you're on YouTube. YouTube is not supposed to be like that. You're not under obligation to do anything. That doesn't make any sense.

    But you're in their pocket.

  7. Nobody:
    Mat: analyzing water ripples

  8. What kind of monstrosity did you make in the make a mangle minigame

  9. Can you get the Easter egg you need them all to be a clown and then you hope that you hit all of the clowns noses with the darts I've done it I am the first YouTuber to ever do it

  10. Foxy's mask is absolutely adorable

  11. scot:adds lantern because it looks cool and a little scary mat:maybe it means about the deaths of the original 5 victims

  12. Why are most of the new comments mean ?

  13. i miss the old crew
    dont get me wrong, i love the new team but still :')

  14. I dont get the joke he made at the beginning, can someone pls explain it?

  15. gets jumpscared
    (find the n)

  16. did anyone else see glitchtrap dancing in the background

  17. Man do I miss this intro 😪 so energetic and engaging

  18. I really wish Mat had tried to get the 'It's me' Easter egg. I'm so sure that Golden Freddy is still around and that we'll see him in future games. Just because with Illumix confirming that 'It's me' is a Golden Freddy thing when they were teasing him over Christmas. 🙁

  19. All the fnaf animatronics just living as roommates

  20. Matpat: puts on anamatronic mask Anamatronics: what the heck is that kid pretending to be?

  21. Please do more fazbear frights book theories

  22. Dude I’m scared to do (In FNAF vr) FNAF 1, FNAF 3 and the mini games but I’m on night 3 in FNAF 2 and scared

    Lost $30

  23. His glasses look like mine. That’s odd

  24. How he moves his hands when he talks reminds me of a school principal 🤣

  25. I found somethin odd. If Sodaroni was made in 86' and was given as a prize for this game, how is the Fallfest sign saying it's "Fallfest 83'"? O3o

  26. Mangle is honestly so cute yet so cool; I love him! She's my favorite character..He's broken like I am yet so loveable.

  27. matpat got playground rumoured by the car

  28. Dreadbear and Fire Foxy are officially my faves! Their designs are so dope!

  29. I don’t know why but I just love the update it was great and I loved the music and everything else it was amazing

  30. Withereds are really good at the halloween dlc

  31. The weird light flash is from sister location

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