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FNAF VR Help Wanted Lolbit Song | Rockit Gaming

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FNAF VR Help Wanted Lolbit Song by Rockit Gaming is has a new artist Mads singing and Rockit doing the Rap! The Lolbit Rap Song could be the best FNAF Help Wanted Song yet! Make sure to smash the like button and tell us in the comments what character should be next!

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3D render credit: EndyArts
Deviant Art:
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✦Artwork by Grimmstein✦


I feel so outta place
Please stand by await your deadly fate
Glitching through the system can’t outrun
Better watch your step if not I’ll come
I feel so outta place

[Verse 1]
Turn out the lights tonight
I’m getting faded
I strobe within the shadows
Decommissioned isolated
Even though I’ve got a coat of color
I never hesitate to come close smother
You and all your friends
That’s where I come in

It’s time to laugh along with
My friends they call me Lolbit


[Verse 2]
You’re in a dark room
Tryin to escape
But you got old friends new friends
Stuck in the way
You see an exit sign
But it’s a dead design
The red lights screaming
That you’re dead inside

Keeping you close to me
I take a picture
Count it up one two three
Im gonna get ya
Sneaking up under your skin it will crawl
Ready to strike in this virtual hall
Funtime for me as I’m howling along
Deadly as they

Come get your fix
Of virtual reality
Lolbit’s an anomaly
Commonly mistaken
For Funtime foxy
But he’s honestly
A wannabe
Wobbly at the knees
You wanna see
A fox with quality?
Sharpening all of my teeth
Purple and orange I’m a beast
I’ll make you believe
Chop off your hands and your feet
Cut out your tongue you can’t speak
I’ll put you at peace
How bout I make you a deal
Give me your hands and it’s real
Sign here on the dotted line
Then your souls mine what a steal


  1. Ya know Lolbit is a messed up or not finished funtime foxy. Lolbit was originally was in funtimebfoxys place.

  2. Lolbit : "Glitching to the sistem can't outrun"
    Glitchtrap : oh, *Where's my knife*?

  3. ,,Turn out the lights tonight
    I getting faded
    I strobe within the shadows
    Decom mision isolated
    Even though ive got a coat of color
    I never hesitate to come close smother
    You and all your friends
    Thats where i come in,,

    My favourite part

  4. Lolbit:glitching through the system

    Glitchtrap: you think I’m stupid or did you forget I exist

    You lolbit @lolbit i love you

  6. I'll make you believe, chop off your hands and your feet
    Cut out your tongue, you can't speak, Gordon Ramsay: Yum

  7. 😍😍😍😍😛😛😛😛😍😍😍☺

  8. I'm the real lolbit thanks for making this😍😍😍😍😍

  9. 1:08 okay why I thought it said
    “My friends they call me vomit “ WHY

  10. I really like how you made a part were lolbit was a boy because they don't have a confirmed gender i really appreciate that

  11. Lolbit: glitching through the system cant't outrun.
    Glitchtrap: ok that's it were is my knife.

    btw can you make a bon bon song PLZZZZ :>

  12. Lolbit and Glitchtrap would have fun screwing the system over together

  13. The only thing I’m in love with to come out of this is the instrumental

  14. I love how the lyrics are about Lolbit killing the night guard in brutal ways like the other animatronics would, even though that's not what it does lol

  15. "Glitching through the system can't ourun"

  16. It's a really cool song I promise I will like And subscribe

  17. When I'm a YouTuber this will make me want to dance with my plushie lolbit

  18. That is made on PowerPoint a class link thing

  19. Everybody type in that high they want what I said

  20. My fav line is clutching through the system cant outrun better watch or else ill come

  21. my favorite part was when he sayed
    Lolbit commonly mistaken with foxy but hes such a wannabe😂am i the weird one or the line is good?

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