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FNaF Ultimate Custom Night – 50/20 COMPLETE!!! (Game Complete, 10600, UNBEATABLE Rank)

DJ Sterf
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56 Animatronics — 50 are selectable at Max AI (20), and 6 are spawned in. Thank you for waiting, everyone, for me to be back to health. I’m not dizzy anymore and am feeling good, and even better now that this mode is done! We got everyone through with this crazy strategy, got the Dawko interview with Scott Cawthon, and for me again, that’s everything complete in the FNaF series! 32h in-game, and a very stressful 32h (and that’s not including thinking about strategy throughout this time). Very happy about that. There’s a lot of emotion that built up over this time. Relief, stress, anxiety, and now joy and giddiness.

I’ll plan on making strategy videos for each specific part of the dynamics that I as well as others pieced together to bring about this winning strategy. So stay tuned for those. Also, for those who want to keep up with my latest non-FNaF videos, be sure to click that Notifications bell thingy. I’m not sure if FNaF is done or whatnot, but it’s been a lot of fun piecing together game dynamics through the series and getting really baller at playing them.

Anyone else who can use the strategy, the spreadsheet is still here:

Thanks to Rhemery and Dawko for the shoutouts for my help on their completions, and you all get shoutouts as well. : )

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  1. Why do I feel like every time somebody beats 50/20 mode they start the same as other people who beat 50/20 mode

  2. this video be like:
    arab🤣😂😂😂🤣 funny 😀😃😁😆😆😁😄😃😃😀وهلجنببطبتؤطتؤتؤكترحبحتح

  3. Can we just appreciate how this man bet this first try!
    Like he wasn’t even like reacting how normal people react!
    “Oh cool I did it.”

  4. ема чел хорош влад цой(мастер из казахстана одобряет) ну типа ниче так затащил хлолг

  5. When everyone was thinking In 2014 than 20/20/20/20 was imposible

  6. I’m surprised Ultimate Custom Night is almost 4 years old already. It felt like it came out a day ago.

  7. I can't beat all fnaf 1 on 1 how tf you doing this

  8. It is so crack that I pass it to him in 4 minutes

  9. Going to be the negative one here and say why was the gameplay so calm compared to other 50/20 modes I've seen? Also people saying using something called global music box, that to me is cheating.
    Also am I the only one who noticed mangle was set to zero 🤔, if that's so then this isn't a legit 50/20.

  10. If you actually look he BARELY checked the camera for anything. I think it's a listening thing when it comes to 50/20 mode.

  11. DJ Sterf is a funny name if you’re Dutch

  12. i’ve not watched a FNAF game since FNAF 3 and i must say i’m very confused

  13. cassidy be like :

    how the F### this b#### alive?

  14. animatronics you can't do without looking at it 1:foxy 2:nightmare balloon boy 3:puppet 4:Golden Freddy 5: Chica

  15. I didn't expect The gameplay flow to Turn into a defeat the virus Pop ups type of game

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