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FNAF The Glitched Attraction | Full Game Walkthrough | No Commentary

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We are finally back in the wondrous world of Five Nights at Freddy’s! Today we are looking at another fan game that has taken YouTube by storm! The Glitched Attraction is a game that mixes the scares and tense gameplay of FNAF with that of an escape room. Join me as we move through different rooms that are all an homage to earlier released FNAF titles.

I really enjoyed this game and think it is one of the better fan games out there. From what I understand it was actually quite difficult and even a bit frustrating at some points on first release, but by now it has been patched and the difficulty is way more enjoyable. Though it can be a bit overwhelming at first on what you need to do in each level, it becomes very fun with a good pacing and flow once you understand. This is definitely a game no FNAF fan should miss!

You can download The Glitched Attraction here!

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  1. At 5:15 in the video the books on the shelf are actually scott cawthorns books, the man who created fnaf

  2. 57:57 trying to open the door and just shaking the screen around in frustraion being "i have no mouth but i must scream" LMAO thanks for the video!!!

  3. yea i am going to try this game but what happens if it does not work then what do i do cause i just wasted time on the download wait time to play the game

  4. yea i am going to try this game but what happens if it does not work then what do i do cause i just wasted time on the download wait time to play the game

  5. I’m stuck in level 3 I can’t get the code right and I can remember numbers good, I enter it from bottom to top it doesn’t work, I enter it top to bottom nothing

  6. Not sure if it's just me, but, I think it's actually pretty neat that Dreadbear is included in this fangame. Of all the characters the creator(s) decided to include, one of them happened to come from a DLC!

  7. i love how chica has zero sense of hearing so you just walked behind her

  8. This is really good in my opinion one of the best FNAF fan games if I could give this a medal I would I can't express how good 😊 this fan game was if it was good just watching imagine if I was playing I'll subscribe and keep doing what u love amen🔥👋

  9. “Let me show you how to break your face!” – Mangle

  10. Ending heads upTurns out people are lured there geez

  11. Toy chica and garbage baby do a sucker punch, garbage baby does a better one

  12. Idk if yall ogs notices or not but the achievements are named after fnaf songs

  13. This game is so intense prob the most interesting game I have ever seen

  14. Why does this feel like the crying child’s dreams- like how he sees the animatronics

  15. Hello. You play cool. Play some more top game Somerville.

  16. Wow, you actually looked scared playing this

  17. Cool, and i thought the game was only in the bedroom.

  18. How ironic to have a toy chica punch you in the face

  19. This deserves more than 110 likes. You're a legend, and have a sub my boi.

  20. Amazing video

    This game is super fun to play. I played it on my channel too XD

  21. How lovely when a chick start punching you in The Face The great times 🙂


  23. Good video, glad you left the jumpscares in

  24. Bro tried so hard to get to the last
    Lets give him some subs

  25. the last this when i die i wanna see is toy chika punching you’re face like one punch men

  26. how do i go away from the arcade thingy?

  27. im stuck on level 3 or cursed something i need help as i got kinda close but died to springtrap because the door was open from fredbear

  28. Finally FF cares for bon bon and not throw him

  29. Bro chica just apeared out of thin air just to punch him

  30. guys don't link these to the 2027 accident

  31. this is the scariest fnaf fan game i have ever seen.

  32. Ugh! I hate it when I don’t get these games! What was the point in avoiding the animatronics if one was just gonna get you at the end?

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