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FNAF Security Breach – What Happens if You Beat the Mysterious Game Hidden in Sun’s Room?

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There’s a secret game that involves sun & moon, and it has a secret ending!

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  1. I didnt expect an 8-bit game in security breach because its so different from the other fnaf games

  2. Is it just me or is the screen glitching out for the video or my wifi is low

  3. I thought you going cheat.

    But i saw the easter egg on this vdio, i trust this, if this vdiois without geting cheat

  4. They are glitches not portals lol. There’s literally a message you can find right next to the game where it literally says “glitch them all at the same time”

  5. 7:06 Anybody Else Think That The Bunny Cut Out Looks Strangely Alike To Glitchtrap? Same Whiskers, Same Same Ears, Same Smile…

  6. 5:15 That one is for the Three part PQ ending where you play them in order with the last being in Fazerquest.

  7. It seems kinda weird that the note that gives a hint towards the princess quest ending takes way more effort than getting that ending itself.

  8. what about the second +third portal levels do they have the same ending?

  9. Rifle: In this room you can find a golden moon plush-
    Markiplier: T H E L O R E

  10. it said good night thats moondrop oh snap

  11. doesint sunny sound like sam i am from green eggs and

  12. Can you activate the posters with a fazerbalster?

  13. 2:37 I guess we know what a solar eclipse looks like in fnaf security breach.

  14. I thought this was security breach, not Andy’s apple farm

  15. what if you need to trigger all the glitches and then something may happen in one of those princess quest games!

  16. There is a lot in this game that we really didn’t get to see

  17. Why do I have a feeling that the "Garbage" in the corrupted world is actually an image similar to the hidden images in the trailers?

  18. I don’t understand how people find this stuff. You must be very creative to do so. 😅

  19. But the most thing is sun want the daycare clean but why not his room sun u need to fix ur place its a whole mess👁👄👁

  20. When you go through the portal the sun looks like a Solar eclipse

  21. what happens when you try to enter the daycare through suns room?

  22. Thanks so much for actually explaining how to beat it
    This is the first video that showed me those portals. I've been playing for hours trying to get to the end but it never stopped. Lol

  23. Glitches never automatically mean glitchtrap. The only characters shown in the game are sun/moon and balloon boy.

  24. Yay! Time to have nightmares tonight because it’s creepy and I’m at up at 12 😀

  25. 666k views
    Sun's game summoned a demon
    6:07 gregory running fast is amazing

  26. I really don’t want to spoil things here, but there is not only BB world, there are also 3 princess quests scattered across the map.
    You have to play them in order for that to work.
    It’s a secret ending, but I don remember what actually happens afterwards.

    Finding the 4 arcade cabinets took long enough.

    The only one I remember except for BB world is princess quest 3 which is inside „Vanny“ room.

  27. Is it just me or does anyone else see a possible hidden message on the glitched sun's mouth? I see a 14 and NA.

  28. what happens if you go threw the portal when moon is up?

  29. It's interesting that the last pirate you photograph has the patch on the opposite eye to the one in the poster.

  30. But what happens when you play second minigame in afton fight

  31. The message talks about glitching out all the games. what happens if you glitch all the playable games before playing the three princess games? I feel like we haven't seen the true ending yet.

  32. Markiplier: See's a golden plushy
    Also Markiplier: THE LOREEEEEE!!!!!!

  33. Is it just me, or did anyone else notice in the second day sun switches from his normal face to moon’s face?

  34. I first thought this is clickbait but this is actually a cool secret

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