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FNAF Security Breach – What Happens if You Beat the Mysterious Game Hidden in Sun’s Room?

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There’s a secret game that involves sun & moon, and it has a secret ending!

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  1. i would be willing to bet that the weird sound is something to be decoded

  2. Maybe that glitch on the game opens up the chica game?

  3. Literally me when come together from beatles play

  4. I never knew if this minigame unlocked something

  5. This dudes voice is so familiar but I can’t remember where I’ve heard his voice from

  6. This is some Black Ops Easter eggs level of hidden, dear God!

  7. I just want to take a moment to compliment the thumbnail. The way you angled the passage to the arcade game to make it look like the moon and then have the sun on the other half is super neat!

  8. I feel like it could be connected to when vanny and her therapist confirm the someone has imported a glitch into the arcade games and it leads to her

  9. Idk if it's just the art, but I feel like the smile on the eclipse might be letters or numbers? 1+4? 14N?Han?🤔 I'm probably overthinking it..

  10. What if the game turned moon evil maybe glitch trap was controlling the game and when moon played it or maybe sun glitch trap took control of moon making him attack us because I don’t think they would have a robot attack kids

  11. If anybody is obsessed with the fnaf lore, like me, you might’ve noticed something. Once he beat the game, there was a leaderboard, which is already weird considering where you have to go to find the game, but then in 3rd place, is cc. Or C.C? Also known as the crying child? What if he (The crying child) went through all of this, and has done all of this already, or what if he’s stuck in there somewhere? I know it doesn’t make much sense but when I saw that on the leaderboard that was all I could think about.

  12. Okay but am I the only one who gets reminded of FNAF World by this arcade game?

  13. If you actually look at the glitched out Sun’s mouth, you can see the roman numeral for 4 and right before it a few lines that look like 14? Don’t know if that’s just an accident or what

  14. if sun plays this how does he play this with a straight face💀💀💀💀💀💀💀💀💀💀

  15. The reason suns glitched is because It’s a solar eclipse

  16. More than a glitchy sun, it looks like an eclipse (see: the ring around the edges of the face) whic would mean sun AND moon at the same time

  17. And notice that Roxanne is in 4th place on the high-score list. Poor Roxy, she just can't win no matter how much she desperately needs to.

  18. the line of objects in the portal syncs with the music, that's neat. the red cubes are the drums and the link dashes are the midi part

  19. I feel like the pirate cut out that is leaning on the wall were you are chased by the music man is bonnie. (Sorry if my grammar is wrong)

  20. only a true fnaf fan would understand the kid with a ballon

  21. I wanna be friends with sun and moon…

  22. @SEROTHS regarde !Tu pourrais essayer de réaliser le challenge stp !🥺😳

  23. Question, how do we get in sun's room without cheats

  24. I thought this room was proven to belong to Gregory?!?!?!

  25. [°•SNOWMAN:D•°] simp de BUNNYMAN says:

    The game is called balloon world and the child looks a lot like balloon boy

  26. im pretty sure the “glitched sun” represents a solar eclipse, i think something chaotic will happen if sun and moon, despite being the same character, somehow “fuse” and their split sides just become one thing

  27. That character after the you enter the portal is called eclipse if I am correct

  28. Might imply that sun has a solar eclipse phase , makes wonder if there a lunar eclipse phase as well

  29. I'm sure that matpat will find some weird stuff out of this

  30. Ayy that's the phasmophobia breaker panel. Is it a free asset or something?

  31. His teeth when he's glitched out looks like they spell 14 IV or 144

  32. Solar and lunar eclipses: I finally feel included

  33. This is something i just thought up and i have barely anything to back it up. But it says glitch them at the same time. And there is another bb world game down by afton right? If you beat that then go down to the one by afton can you play it?? It might just be a reference like its how he glitched it though i dont know

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