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FNAF Security Breach Ruin Gameplay Walkthrough Part 1 We play as Cassie who was mysteriously contacted by Gregory to return to the pizza plex and save him from the glamrock animatronics..


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Five nights at Freddy’s Security Breach Ruin Part 1


  1. Fusion you are probably my fav YouTuber your funny and really fun to watch

  2. No that is not glitchtrap thats the security program vanessa creats after escaping the mimics control so ske creates this program so it could make visitors go away so They dont rellaes him to the WORLD

  3. First time we're getting DLC. Let's hope it's good

  4. I watched this cuz gtlive didn’t have a part four yet

  5. Fusion just saying the thing is it was supposed to be remodeled but got abandoned or after the fire it was to be fixed but got abandoned i think so yea

  6. It was Molten Freddy if you play the vid at the lowest speed you can see a freddy like face

  7. Security breach was great but this is better.

  8. "Thumbnail…. AAHH!" Love that part 😂

  9. Dude dude dude I was playing security breach do you still got the voice box go back to when chica lays down in the bathroom you can plug the voice box in it's true I tried it

  10. I just realized the next episode has the craziest character gone mad

  11. Fusion you’re one of my favorite fnaf Youtubers keep up the good work man

  12. When you see an object glitching you can walk through it with The Vanny Mask

  13. OMG IVE NEVER THOUGHT OF THAT thanks ok6330

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  15. I’ve been waiting years for the dlc and I’m glad that fusion was right on top of it cause the suspense was killing me! Keep up the good work fuzion!😊

  16. 15:22 What if you complete the monty golf arcade with a perfect score or better and you get his legs and they aren't on that pile anymore somehow

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