[FNaF] Security Breach react to Game Theory[]The Clue That ALMOST Solves Everything![]Part 31[]Lazy - jetgame.pl

[FNaF] Security Breach react to Game Theory[]The Clue That ALMOST Solves Everything![]Part 31[]Lazy

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  1. Mask with Smile with Mask (dream) !!!

  2. Mask with Smile with Mask (dream) !!!

  3. I love the nicknames for Gregory it's so wholesome

  4. its sweet how they all have different nicknames for Gregory.

  5. What if Vanessa is actually Elizabeth but she either forgot or is making it seem like she doesn’t know who she was. Also it would kinda fit I mean she probably remembers happy memories with her parents or her father who she loves.

  6. it took 3 whole days to watch all the videos and bring them and merge them together and now I finally have all the answers but I still question some things it's truly is unsolvable

  7. Pray for me at the end I was wearing my headphones 💀☠️👍🏼

  8. Don't quote me, but could afton be 46? I mean he can obviously hack robots and would like to have Vanessa on a tight leash, but the how is….not so solid

  9. My brain hurt with this theory😓😓😓😓

  10. Yay, thak you Tubbo for my ears. I also really liked the video, and the nicknames are sooooooooooo cute 🙂

  11. Only one problem with the theory the fire thing is because you weren’t supposed to enter the room with fire why would there be a animation for something you can’t see

  12. Can you do security breach reacts to the mangle

  13. I think the mini characters dancing on top of the screen was hilarious and cute

  14. Not true theory i think er will have a dlc so more lore

  15. Make them react to sabaton and you get a red star medal

  16. Wait is Gregory patient 46 because his good at computers only patient 46can do that

  17. Imagine tom scoot just dm said "You already broke the twisted story"

  18. Have we even bothered to look for Mrs. Afton in this she could be the third member we're looking for

  19. a new character that wants the family back together? IS TERRENCE COMING BACK!?

  20. love the nicknames you put for Gregory it's really cute, mostly for Roxy and Moon

  21. i tink gregory is not evan and is not a robot

  22. Why am I getting chills from this- lmao…

  23. well maybe to help the theory of gametheory might be a robot possesed by william or maybe ness is one of victims of william by the fact ordering 3 human like male masks is sus

  24. 17:09 l'll say it. l absolutely love how everyone of them have their own nicknames for the the potential little psycho- l mean Gregory. It's adorable

  25. Im the only one who want to people make ' the five therapy react to game theory '

  26. meh i dont like it to much over reaction

  27. There is not much expression which I’m kinda disappointed
    Still a good video tho

  28. Alright hear me out it's Eleanor or an animatronic like her

  29. (Gasp) you support Freddy x Monty?!?! I do to!!!!

  30. Okay so first off you know that glitch trap Freddy where's Freddy then I think Freddy is not Vanessa but the one that was that was attacking the crying child that is named Gregory is actually you know cuz golden Freddy make stuff love you know who he makes with Michael cuz golden Freddy mix with Michael is actually the one so they trying to attack the crying child their name Charles d that is mixed this will golden Freddy but you know William is actually glitch trap or whatever and I don't even know who is in Mexico but where's Laura where is she cuz it is one of the the one that was talking to Elizabeth you know when you just heard something that I was watching something but where where is Clara you know the the robot that I forgot his name I forgot his name but where is she

  31. Wait wait ik venessa does look like elizabeth but glam freddy as micheal… woah to much to think my brain hurts TvT

  32. To help patch up some of the holes in the therapy tape theory, most of what gregory does is an act. Gregory/C.C are the same person as stated earlier, and if gregory is actively trying to make sure that no one finds out the truth, then he would go to the length of faking an accident and faking records, etc. To keep up the act, he just has to act scared. He needs to act like a 'normal' child.

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