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FNAF Security Breach Gameplay Walkthrough Part 9 We take down Roxanne Wolf in a boss fight and upgrade Glamrock Freddy using her eyes..


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Five nights at Freddy’s Security Breach Part 9 – ROXANNE WOLF BOSS FIGHT


  1. You did get a soda upgrade I don’t I don’t know why it’s not in your inventory though

  2. when roxy got hit by the car i thought it was over already so i was disappointed but then i realized…

  3. Ignore this I just want to enter the give away

  4. bruh the same glitch happened and now ive lost all my gameplay rip

  5. When you play fnaf at 3:00 am Freddy do's this 🖕

  6. Man jacks going insane in the comments it's hilarious

  7. I can't wait to actually play the game it looks good I like how they acknowledge all the past games animatronics

  8. i just relized that there is a rib cage in roxy is there a human in there? You are able to see the rib cage in the boss fight and some blood was showing so yeah.

  9. The fact Roxanne Wolf Only Cares About Her Looks And Hair-

  10. Hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii meeeeeeeeeeeeeeee winnnnnnnnnnnnnn

  11. I could still hear Roxy crying about her hair and ect

  12. Just 30 seconds into this and you are, exhausting. Is this just you or an act for kids.

  13. Roxy is a really well designed character with an awesome personality

  14. You say you'll get sleep then you'll just stay up playing the game to beat i

  15. No I saw the soda I won't say I'm not crazy though I'm crazy but your not buddy you saw soda it was there it was like a Chica soda upgrade thing

  16. Roxy lol if you hack your game your broke

  17. I love that the animtronics have their own characters and this is actually something I've always wanted in a fnaf game that explores the characters of the animatronics. We kind of got that in sister location but this actually makes them feel like fleshed out characters who are dealing with their own things and maybe the consequences of being sentient robots. 13 year old me would be happy that's for sure :p

  18. get some sleep and don't forget to eat and drink some water!!!

  19. Hey fusion, been watching you for 6 years now, you made my childhood, i remember coming home from school and always watching your vids and its amazing that from 500k subs you are now at 3.1 million ! It was an amazing journey and hope you are doing well!

  20. Glad to see everyone else seems to feel bad for Roxy. I truly do feel bad for her, she seems to be so pained about what has happened.

  21. 7:47 Me getting chased by my blind girlfriend after giving her glue stick and said it's her lipstick💀


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