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FNAF Security Breach OST: Daycare Theme 1 HOUR (In-Game Version)

ISaL DA Fw0x
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Credit Goes SteelWool Studios, Scott Cawthon, and Leon Riskin And Also To The Youtuber @Jacob Meatloaf For Making The Original Version of This Audio Witch I Shortened Up Here For My Version To Make Sound Better Cus I Wasn’t A Fan Of How His Version Of This Audio Originally Fades Out To Silence In His Version After The Time Frame 1:14 to 1:17 In His Version Of This Audio Witch I Removed so It doesn’t sound Less Good Enough For Looping So with The Fading Out to Silence Part In A 1 Hour Loop Version Witch I Made Here Now Removed So Now It sounds A Little More Epic Now With It As A 1 Hour Version Since It Was Originally Uploaded To Be This Version to Youtube On Dec 27, 2021 And @Jacob Meatloaf Made His Version On Dec 23, 2021 Before Me Also Once Again His Version runs to 1:17 with The Audio Starting To Fade at 1:14 to 1:17 Of The Audio’s Version He Made Once Again so Yeah , P.s. @Jacob Meatloaf I’m Sorry For Not Crediting You Originally And Also I’ll Try To Remember Better Next Time For Other people Who I Get Inspired By , I hope This Message Clears It up 2 you All ;3 ! Here’s The Link To @Jacob Meatloaf Version Of This Audio: Plz Like and Subscribe To Him Also For Some Of The original Work On The Audio I used For This Video


  1. god i hope they play other songs in that daycare. imagine working a shift there

  2. Just developed a Sundrop phase after this. "We can fingerpaint, tell stories, drink FizzyFaz until our heads exPLODE, and then stay all night! There is only one rule: Keep the lights ON. ON! On."
    "Hey! Hey! Are you having fun yet? Are ya? Are ya?!"

  3. signs that we are sucicidal:

    Listening to daycare for 1hr: What a challenge!

    Listening to the video "Daycare theme 1 HOUR" on loop for 10 hours: HSNDKJLNVKDFHJSJDFKXBN I HATE EVERYYYTHING WHY DOES THOS SONG EXIST EEEEE

  4. I need an emotional support sundrop that just blasts this music for miles whenever it senses I’m down.
    I got 99 problems and emotional support sundrop blasting daycare music would solve all of them

  5. This music is like injecting happiness into my veins

  6. This is some nice music to listen to but only when the lights are on on ON

  7. Детсад это моя любимая локация.

  8. A little thinking music if you please.

  9. oi
    can you atleast give me credit for the edit

  10. Thank you so much for this masterpiece 😩 my ears are BLESSED

  11. Me accurately tryna focus:
    My entire brain:


  13. I am not a sundrop or sun or sunny fan but I really like the music reminds me of my little sister, she died a few years but she really liked kids music

  14. I just imagine myself listening to this and in discord i would mute mic mic and my friends would be like man he is quiet my pov is I'm listening to this for an hour

  15. Sun has bells so blind children know where hi is

  16. when the test is entirely different than what you studied on

  17. this is the theme song of my brain recently

  18. Jams out like boom boxing glamrock freddy

  19. truely amazing. i would want to work there forever


  21. So this is what Gregory hears when he’s in the daycare?? Woahh

  22. top 10 reasons the Pizzaplex should be real:

  23. YES THE ECHO (i've been listening to the other one)

  24. Se siente como que estás en ese lugar me relajo 😃🌞🎥

  25. Little‎‎‎‎‎‎‎‎‎‎‎‏‏‎ Alix2011 says:

    Playing this at My Brothers friends house on the speaker

  26. Thanks for making this because I want to make an edit with this

  27. No one: In class: this song in my head.. while I’m in the middle of working 🥲

  28. the amount of times i've listened to this full hour loop….. i've had to loop the video before. lets leave it at that

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