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FNAF: Security Breach – (most of) the whole dang game.

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Hello, Dwellers! I am not stopping until we’ve seen the credits oand at least started to go into the easter eggs! Join me playing in Five Nights at Freddy’s: Security Breach!

Take control of a young boy named Gregory, who is locked in a large shopping mall filled with murderous animatronics and must complete numerous missions to survive the night in order to escape, in Fine Nights at Freddy’s: Security Breach (FNAF: Security Breach). The animatronics found throughout the mall include Glamrock Freddy, Glamrock Chica, Montgomery Gator, Roxanne Wolf, Sunnydrop and his nighttime counterpart Moondrop (also known as the Daycare Attendant), and DJ Music Man. Encounter other types of enemies, such as Vanny, a woman dressed in a rabbit costume, employee robots called Staff Bots that can alert enemies to Gregory’s location if they spot him, and a security guard named Vanessa. All enemies will get stronger as the night progresses, so we’ll have to adapt to their surroundings in order to survive.

There are multiple paths and endings depending on the outcome. Office escapes are also featured. Unlike previous games, this game allows free roaming, combat, features boss battles (some are optional), and instead of five nights, the entire game takes place in a single night that lasts much longer than five hours.

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  1. I looked up Kitchen Gun and it's friggin' hilarious and on BBC's YT channel. X'D

  2. That was painful to watch….if you listened to the game more you would have an easier time of it

  3. Also stop blaming the game for your inability to see 👀

  4. Also stop blaming the game for your inability to see 👀

  5. I am start watching this video like yesterday but I am still watching

  6. 5:32:28
    "You're such a handsome young man, can you give us a big smile?"
    "Oh, don't do that again."

  7. Freddy is so committed to help you he is trying to break the game to help you when he shouldn't be allowed to appear.

  8. Why do I have a feelin sun will be the next tumblr sexyman

  9. Freddy is so committed to help you he is trying to break the game to help you when he shouldn't be allowed to appear.

  10. Crazy how much caveman sounds like markiplier, I guess I never watched them at the same time as a kid so I never noticed

  11. XDD gonna be honest, your playthrough was the most broken one I’ve seen XDDD seeing Freddy glitch around like that was hilarious.

  12. the way this guy plays the game stresses me out

  13. i adore how they went a different path with freddy in this game

  14. i agrovats how many presents he misses becuse each one could be a upgrade

  15. They should have added “objective” marks on the map, so you know where you need to go to progress

  16. I found a lot of bugs in the game too (especially on my PART 3 stream)

  17. I think i have an idea of why freddy goes crazy in the trash basement

    The ground isn't flat so the collisions are complex therefore freddy doesn't know how to physics

  18. i love the immediate hurried shuffling every time he sees a save station

  19. Fun fact : Did you know that That security breach is 8 hours long according to Scott this game is a lot different then all his other fnaf games! And probably one of his longest games!

  20. So Bonnie was actually a part of the band, but after he's out of commission he's been replaced by Montgomery Gator.

  21. Is there going to be an equivalent to this game for MNaF?

  22. 6:23:45 It's incredible how you managed to break not just Chica, but even Freddy as well!

  23. So is there yet another batch of vengeful child spirits at play here, but they got bored with revenge plots and decided to fully commit to the possessed-robot-celebrity lifestyle, or has the FNaF universe just casually invented fully sapient android life and decided that children's entertainment is the best application to test it in?

  24. Bros not close to completing the whole game lmao, and the chica thing was pretty self explanatory all you had to do was read your missions that say “turn on the generator” for the trash compactor

  25. The Roxanne comments were killing the let play experience for me. It was weirding me out.

    When I watch a lets play I wanna feel like I'm chilling with a bud that won't shut up, watching him play a game we both enjoy.

    The hard-core simping distracted me way to much to the point I was about to turn it off. If you can, please dial it down considerably next time.

  26. I was just watching the first 14 minutes and right before 14 minutes I think I heard you say flashlight to a microphone 🎤

  27. Hello, Dwellers! I am not stopping until we've seen the credits oand at least started to go into the easter eggs! Join me playing in Five Nights at Freddy's: Security Breach!

  28. And… I'm going to go watch someone play this without talk like cringe.

  29. So after you placed this could this mean you could make another mine nights at freddy's season?

  30. 3:51:05 i know it’s not unusual for Dan to disappear on youtube but i can tell he’s in better place than before. im glad he focused on his mental health rather than youtube, so proud !! <3

  31. You better do mine nights at freddys security breach or else…

  32. Do you know you’re good at Monty’s voice

  33. hello! i have loved the SCP vids so can you make more love them!

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