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FNAF Security Breach | Full Game Walkthrough | No Commentary

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Five Nights at Freddy’s Security Breach is a very special game to me personally. It was my introduction to the world of FNAF which made me fall in love with the series and was also the first video on the channel that blew up amongst my viewers. After being introduced to Freddy and the gang I have visited many different FNAF games, but Security Breach always held a special place in my heart.
It is therefore with so much joy that I am revisiting this awesome game in order to prepare for the Ruin DLC that will launch next week! The real star of Security Breach is its world and art design. It is an absolute joy to walk around the areas and see all the details that the artists and developers put into them. You just cannot help but look at all the art of the mascots, the various merchandise on display or the many attractions it has to offer.
There was some critique by a few fans that it was too colorful, but I absolutely adore the vibrant colors and overall atmosphere in this game. It feels like a real indoor theme park you could visit and this game gives us a glimpse of how that can feel. Newcomers Monty and Roxy are also instant fan favorites and I cannot wait to run into them again with the DLC.
My only critique with the game is that there are a lot of times where the game stutters and this has been there since the beginning. My first video was recorded with an RTX 2060 and this time a 4080, but the hiccups are still at the same places. If this could be ironed out then the experience would be all the more satisfying, but even without Security Breach still stands as my favorite FNAF game. It felt good to come home!

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  1. Sun’s voice crack be like: why would you do THAt..

  2. That's a really neat walkthrough, and yeah. The first person view of games is so cool, in a way it kinda feels like you're there but different.

    There is a thing though, I have been trying to get past Chica's Boss fight lately. 6 AM, what I don't understand is when I finish making the Pizza and Chica goes after it, once I reach the kitchen and find Chica, if I get close enough she'll stop eating and come after me. She just follows me around everywhere and doesn't let me get a chance to get out of Freddy- Or else I would get jumpscared.

    It has happened to me about 3 times already, is that normal or-

  3. Thank you now I can know how to beat the game

  4. I love gregory so much I made my roblox avatar and display name gregory. Also it's crazy how freddy says "if you see this message come to the Roxy raceway (aka) the same location the Mimic from the ruin dlc says "help I'm trapped under Roxy raceway" very cool and fun line 🙂

  5. I'm "FAZED" How good this player is and everytime he nods is… everything
    The fazed joke is my very first og joke(unless someone did it and I didn't know)

  6. Freddy is disconnected from the system that’s why he disappears and that’s why he can’t see you/why you can’t see him Roxy doesn’t actually get shut down she just gets disconnected from the system like Freddy and enters safe mode.

  7. Just to see a kid trap in the pizza place the dance to the music is so funny 😂

  8. i love how in sb it shows the first to games in like images like fnaf 2 band and fnaf 1 band it’s really cool and i think there are some references to fnaf 4 i think


  10. haha ive been streaming this and at 1 hour 30 mins on your version I'm at like 5 hours on my streams hahaha…. wow I suck! haha

  11. Let me ask were did you downlode that?😊

  12. I love no commentary gameplays. It’s just so chill and you can actually enjoy the game meanwhile in gameplays where you can hear them talk it’s like you can barely hear the audio.

  13. 36:53 I love how Moondrop still gets annoyed by mess and has to stop to clean it even tho he is chasing after Gregory lmao

  14. broski i tried doing the thing at 30:40 and the security bot caught me and i had to run through the kitchen again and she was chasing me through it that was fucking scary man

  15. 😎👏nice gameplay!!
    I really enjoyed it 😆!!

    I loved how you always danced to the elevator music 😂!

  16. I swear every time I hear Freddy's foot steps I literally have a panic attack because I think its another animatronic lmao

  17. Its like if disney tried making a horror game

  18. why chica started chasing me while i was in freddy?


  20. Coming back after learning that everything that happens in this game MAJOR SPOILERS HERE EVERYONE and in help wanted was because of the mimic and not Afton as everyone thought it was takes away just a tiny bit of the charm since burntrap isn't a real thing even if the blob is

  21. "Did you know birthday wishes only come true at Freddy Fazbear's? It's true! Kids who have home birthday have fewer friend and parents who don't love them. This been another Faz Fact!"
    ummm…. what did he just said…

  22. Poor Monty, and Roxanne and chica but amazing gameplay 😊

  23. Your just the best ever!🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

  24. I figured out how at 46:05 you can glitch freddy through the doors by standing right on the edge of the outside, calling him stand in the middle of the door and the top part of the door column and then stand back and call him inside the place and it’ll let him noclip

  25. The Recycled Pizza message sounded like a Chuck E Cheese move

  26. i played a little bit of security breach and it has it own special place in my heart

  27. How to download FNAF Security Breach on Android?

  28. I like To Play Five nights at freddy's Security Breach And Ruin

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