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FNAF Security Breach – Full Game Gameplay Playthrough – Five Nights at Freddy’s Security Breach

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Five Nights at Freddy’s Security Breach – Full Game Gameplay Walkthrough / Playthrough Longplay – No Commentary – FNAF Security Breach PS5 (2021)
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This is my full run of Five Nights at Freddy’s: Security Breach on the PS5 with No Commentary. Not too familiar with these games so this will be a fresh experience for me. I edit out 95% of the deaths, and also get 4 of 6 endings. The other two are glitched on PS5, so I’m not bothering atm. Sorry. Enjoy!

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  1. Why did they have to make the animatronics hot 🔥🥵😫

  2. that is a fountain. a fountain is a decorative reservoir used for discharging water.

  3. Bro,this game is a MASTERPIECE!!! I JUST LOVE IT SO MUCH

  4. hey could I use your footage in a video I am making?, I will credit you in the description

  5. i ain't gonna lie but the ending when freddy died is sad

  6. I like how as soon as he got in the gun fight place he immediately started going sweat mode

  7. Not gonna lie, it would've felt better if someone was talking while playing, I mean there are subtitles and stuff, I just want to know the players personal lives, and what they think of the game

  8. Has anybody realised that in the background is the Music you hear at the start

  9. The sound of the moon sounds like the green goblin

  10. Love that at the beginning of the game Greggory is understandably wary of Freddy but like one hour in he’s like ‘don’t worry dad I’ll fix you!!!’

  11. 8:05 people get called superstar one time and they get a new dad figure -Markiplier

  12. bruh when it said “did you see the bunny? Freddy: I did not there is no bunny… anymore” that was so sad bc he misses his friend.


  14. This man deserves more, full play thru without anoying commentary

  15. For some reason i laughed SOO HARD when he said: please take a map. Take a map, please.

    my humor is broken

  16. Huge Thx to the creators,developers to make this. This game was so fun to experience on my pov. Huge shouts to the creators.

  17. FNAF SB it's amazing, I really like they've made some easter eggs in honor of the memorable old FNAF and really capture the current timeline of the franchise- What being said the level design it's awesome, the art and environment too I love how the characters look and it's beautiful!
    I really hope in the future there will be a DLC where you "can" be friend with Monty, Roxy and Chika so they'll let you escape- FNAF really went horror from adventure tho.

  18. You forgot to talk Monty’s claw though

  19. So her the whole time why uhm I- 🥶

  20. Does anyone know why there is a chica shrine in the sewer?

  21. Protocol 1: Connect to Superstar.
    Protocol 2: Uphold the mission.
    Protocol 3: Protect the Superstar.

  22. tbh all of the jumpscares in security breach arent that scary but the map guy almost made me pee my pants

  23. I love how Roxy will throw insults at you and then say oh we only want to help 😂

  24. And I like how we see sun there when Gregory leaves the curtain of first aid

  25. I feel like these were the only animatronics that weren’t possessed

  26. im trying to label the minimaps for a fic and this has been super helpful!! thank you for being so thorough + methodical and for checking your map so often youre the best <3

  27. definitely the best part is at 3:05:00 where its just ominous rapid clanking in the distance as Freddy SPRINTS to where gregory is, even though literally nothing is happening then

  28. This is the full game. It is missing a couple endings which are glitched. But check the All endings video for the rest of the endings! Enjoy!
    ►Check out all the endings in FNAF Security Breach – https://youtu.be/hUCJ5EhbnhY
    ►Check out the full playlist for FNAF Security Breach with all the videos – https://youtube.com/playlist?list=PLs4Nmf7JpBBTaIVlfqEVPF0AMlYwlO-wY
    ►Check out all the Cutscenes in FNAF Security Breach – https://youtu.be/f_1sdePjA8Q
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