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FNAF Security Breach But It’s Ruined By Mods – Part 4

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FNAF Security Breach But It’s Ruined By Mods – Part 4
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Mods are one of the best parts of any game, but some mods certainly make the game, interesting. So some of those mods that kind of ruin the game are what we’re exploring in today’s Top 10 Gaming video ‘FNAF Security Breach But It’s Ruined By Mods – Part 4″! If you want more videos like this let us know in the comments!

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Landon Dowlatsingh-

Hosted By:
Connor Munro:

Edited By:
Connor Munro:

fnaf plus – steel wool studios – glamrock chica


  1. Seems Connor's gotten his Doctorate in Thuganomics and officially joined the Chain Gang, only problem is since he did that, I can't see him any more.

  2. @virrevictor was first. @thedarkone was a close second. i was third

  3. Yo top ten comments suii btw love de content

  4. You disappointed me.
    Chica should no have melons

  5. I can't wait for FNAF SB for Nintendo switch and Xbox this month!!!!!!

  6. I'm exited for new mods so keep it up!

  7. mini golf was the best thing i did on my date so go ahead Conner

  8. THICC vannesa………OH GOD THAT'S CURSED the ones that changed the skins or appearance of the animatronics are kinda good but that is…….kinda scuffed in my own opinion

  9. mod: make monty into glamrock bonnie pllsss i miss bonnie

  10. 👍👍🤎🤎😎😎

  11. 👍👍🤎🤎😎😎

  12. I love when I get the notification “you have a new subscriber”

  13. Please Don’t Tom Tom Tom Tom y mensaje Tania pequeñín

  14. I love the Dee Dee's song lol! It gave extra challenger

  15. When you press red freddy turns his head to his right

  16. Freddie’s head turns to HIS right when you hit the right hand button. Would be weird he turned to your right.

  17. I'm talking in like a robotic voice it sounds like the old man red dino

  18. What's that about slaughtering orphans because I'm on 100% in

  19. There should be a mod of where instead of Glamrock Freddy, you see Glamrock Circus Baby.

  20. Hey do you hear gay people because I do

  21. Why did you use the chica mod for the picture but you won't for the video

  22. Glamrock Freddy: It's a very good marketing plan!
    Connor: It's not marketing.
    Creator Connie (Me): It's not marketin', it's scammin'.
    Edit: Goin' down the Montgomery Gator route now, are we Connor?
    Edit #2: This dude simps for Glamrock Chica, I used simp for Sans, Bendy, Foxy, Shadow Freddy, Baldi, Filename2, and Herobrine, and I now only simp for my real life boyfriend.
    Edit #3: Had to do this, XD:
    Connor: Gets caught by Ignited Bonnie/Montgomery Gator
    Comedy Bot: Great!
    Connor: Rude ass motherhubber!
    Creator Connie (Me): XD

  23. Did anyone catch this? 3:51 he said he feels like someone and says, "Im not about to go and slaughter orphans, yet"-

  24. P͓̽a͓̽l͓̽e͓̽ ͓̽K͓̽i͓̽n͓̽g͓̽ says:

    LESS GO wassup Top 10

  25. Pls don't do ey mami only eddie does that

  26. Luk skiwakor didn't sloter orfens hi sloter kidnaped in castydy against Ther will children.

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