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FNAF Security Breach ALL JUMPSCARES And Scariest Moments (Five Nights at Freddy’s: Security Breach)

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FNAF Security Breach ALL JUMPSCARES And Scariest Moments (Five Nights at Freddy’s: Security Breach)

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  1. Nada da miedo cinceramente no me gustó porque prácticamente nada da miedo

  2. Do animatronics kill him or take him to security guard so they can get the child to their family?

  3. moon should've been a flipped head version of sun, and the spikes on sun are like the stars on moon, just in a weird angle that it appears like a spike when flipped to sun

  4. "Five nights at Freddys, that's were i want to be, five nights at Freddys."

  5. SPRINGTRAP!!!I did not know he was still in the fnaf franchise


  7. If you listen closely, you can hear the static sound that plays when Nightmare jumpscares you in FNAF 4.

  8. I think, they should make Vanny jumpscare the same as in Trailer

  9. The joy of creation it's one houndred times better than this and it's fucking free

  10. Honestly this game was lit 🔥it will live on till 2022 mark my word

  11. Nobody:
    Map bot: (scares the heck out of you) please take a map

  12. I have one question why did Freddy jumps are you outside of upgrading him?

  13. 4:15 pobrecita chica ella solo queria comer basura (translate on inglish)

  14. 13:17 what about here? There's no parts and service or him running out of power. What gives?

  15. 0:37 I don't get it…How is that a jumpscare? Gregory didn't get grabbed by that animatronic.

  16. I think the scariest jumpscares are: that one with dialogues before (when Chica founds you on the box hiding for example) and the runners, which they run see you and runs really fast (like roxy, but faster)

  17. Is there any sort of order to this video or did you just drag and drop every clip you had?

  18. I don’t really like security breach that much, it doesn’t seem like a fnaf game imo

  19. Can please someone explain the power chamber to me?

  20. Why are the staff bots the cutest things yet they are ye only ones that scare me in the game

  21. You want to know the scariest and coolest part of the entire game? If you don't want it to get spoiled don't press read more

    The part where the giant DJ music man robot is just lurking around

  22. Tbh the only scary moments in this game are the map bots. These jumpscares are so mild. It's definitely good for those that don't like the screaming though. But I miss the old one where they would scream at you

    I know there's some sort of screaming but it's not the same

  23. The game: Lets begin by opening-
    Freddy: Not today


    Roxy: Freddy get out of my room!
    Freddy: Im going Im going
    proceeds to stay in Roxy's room

  24. 2:09 never played the game but i love that robot just sweeping. hope he gets a raise

  25. You didn't get jumpscred by glamrock music man


  27. God I just can’t imagine playing this on the vr headset it would just make this game 10 times scarier than what it was 😂

  28. its not the jumpscares that gets me, its just the part where sun turns into moon:

    naughty boy. naughty boy….

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