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FNAF Security Breach 2021 NVIDIA RTX Game Teaser

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FNAF Security Breach 2021 NVIDIA RTX Game Teaser
Check out an all-new terrifying experience in this exclusive first look #RTXOn video of Five Nights at Freddy’s: Security Breach featuring:

Black circleNVIDIA DLSS
Black circleRay-traced reflections
Black circleGlobal illumination
Black circleShadows + ambient occlusion


  1. Scott said that this is not a trailer. This is a… second reveal .
    He said that a second trailer should be released in march.

  2. 5 Things You Missed
    #1 half the screen for the last 20 seconds of the teaser because of end cards.

  3. I had a theory from like a month ago that Vanny and Gregory were siblings
    ….. now i'm actually starting to think i was right

  4. "And let's put you to bed". Pfft put you to bed forever.

  5. B r u h
    I hate how when I get exited I start to laugh randomly and thats exactly what I did. Lol

  6. Yay i will never play this game , thank you invidia!

  7. Vannesa: its getting late
    Greg: i never sleep at this time lol


  9. Wait is fnaf security breach out?!!?!?!?!?!?!

  10. This looks like the exact same game from 5 years ago with better reflections…

  11. I think the security breach will be something to do with cyberpunk, type of animatronics from the future and things like that, if that's not the case then that's purely my guess.

  12. Hear me out the almost invisible symbol on the left at 0:26 is a pizza slice

  13. I hope that this is a long game where’s lots of ending to make you play though it because Scott hasn’t done any game since like 2017 but that doesn’t stop fushion wait maybe fushion works with game theories

  14. I hope it’s a free roam because all those rooms look like they are GREAT to explore.

  15. Wow…Vanny got more creepy since the last trailer

  16. 0:28

    Its probably nothing but you never know….

  17. Oigan, ya no entiendo nada x'd me he perdido desde que salió el fnaf sister location y apenas estoy logrando entender su historia hasta el fnaf 6.

    Alguien más sabe si los fnaf forman parte de la historia o ya es otra cosa xd?

  18. So much I love Freddy Fazbear's I like chica foxy foxy funtime foxy I love everyone

  19. This looks like a fun place to go as a kid ngl.

  20. Me missing circus baby and the others: is circus baby on there
    Brother: nope
    Me: oh…ok…what about ballora?
    Me:oh ok…😔
    Me:what about!-
    Me: ._.

  21. Is it just me or does it sound like the voice is vanny but saying the same stuff as Vanessa meaning they might be the same person.

  22. 0:13
    Vanny: let’s get you home
    Me: bi*h i am home

  23. Ok it’s good but it’s so small I didn’t understand

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