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FNAF Ruin Trailer Is Hiding Some SECRETS! | Five Nights At Freddy’s Security Breach Ruin Trailer

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Friends, the FNAF Ruin trailer dropped on Friday and so obviously I’m gonna be here on the couch breaking it down frame by frame. This has been a while in the making and I’m so excited to FINALLY be proved right about Gregory being a robot! It’ll happen… maybe. There is so much going on here to theorize about and I know you all are just as excited as I am, so let’s just get right into it!

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0:00 – The Witty Banter
8:06 – The Wit-Less Reaction
14:25 – i think matpat will enjoy dissecting this frame by frame
1:10:05 – The Witty Wrap Up

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  1. In security breach tv the purple logo of steel wool, if you hover on it you will see a text saying voices becoming screams

  2. The whole “taser” you’re talking about probably is one of those hacking tools or utility tool like the one in the video game “SOMA”

  3. I hope we see old fnaf 3. Stuff and see Freddy withered chica foxy, Bonnie old stand mask thing

  4. The lags that are in the trash are Freddy’s

  5. The person looking at the talkie when Kassy says "Gregory run!!" Dont you think that's Gregory p.o.v. we might be playing gregory for certain puzzles that help Kassy reach him.

  6. If you guys are recording in the UK than please at the start of the episode do a heavy British accent

  7. bro made a 1 minute trailer into 1 hour and 12 minute video thats wild.

  8. I'm not sure if anyone has brought this up or thought about it but the whole theme of purple vrs green. They made a clear point on Casey having a purple bracelet an yeah it could be a reference to the security puppet mini game but Scott doesn't do coincidences. That makes me think that Casey is influencing Gregory to do all these thing that seem suspicious. That's just my thought.

  9. Matpat I hear that gate you have on your audio and man it is driving me insane, but I really love your content . Keep up the good work.

  10. in the ending that Gregory leaves at 6:00 am he sleeps In a cardboard box and vanny is at the end what if vanny kidnapped him and held him in the pizzaplex and that’s how he got inside

  11. Follow-up theories and observations:
    – I think the glitchy bunny COULD be Glamrock Bonnie, he looks blueish. After all, there was something weird happening with him prior to SecurityBreach and he was just "removed". There's not much info on what actually happened to him. He could very well have been experimented on or something? The only thing is that the glitchy bunny has way too many teeth compared to Glamrock Bonnie..

    – Using the Vanny Mask for too long might attract the glitch bunny or other ennemies, and also consume power/battery you have to manage throughout the DLC.

    – Cassie has some purple/green colors (green nail polish, purple wristband, and there's purple and green beads on her bracelet) which is the same palette as the glitchy bunny

  12. Yeah I really think that, that walkie talkie looking thing is a universal key for the pizzaplex. The generator looking thing looks like to me is a powerbox lying around (don't ask me why its there I didn't create the game) and the purpose of that walkie talkie thing is to adjust the voltage of the generator to match the exact voltage needed in a specific area, because it could lead to another malfunction and repairing the thing again (because there are wires that is placed inside). Idk its only my theory of whats that.

  13. Btw let me add more I just finished watching and I think I have a hunch of whats going down here you see how the bonnie with the glitching green and purple are like taking over from each other because of how they are moving I think the way THAT specific bonnie would play as is a mimic that is controlled by both charlie and burntrap because as we know both charlie (charlievirus) and burn trap are both coding of remnants of their past so in the way that the bonnie would be having 2 opposite personalities would put Casie (if thats the right spelling) in a roller coaster whether or not that is charlie or if that is burn trap. Adding to it I think in the finale I pretty much agree to matpat here that it would be a choice of something but I don't think it would be a choice of good or evil I think its more of escape or continue at this point the fact that they are both fighting in 1 body is a sign that one is a help while one is a harm both charlie and burn trap know that controlling the pizzaplex is not hard but convincing the protagonist of this dlc with only speaker in the pizzaplex I don't think thats gonna work the only way they can convice Casie is in the form of a animatronic either leading her to safety of grate danger. But its only a theory for me

  14. 1:08:21 why does the mimic do that though? I haven’t read any of the books, but from what I understand the mimics mimic the behaviour of a child, that’s what they!re programmed to do, act like a child. So why would the mimic say that?

  15. 58:24 it could be bonny due to having missing claws, as there are visible holes in its finger of where claws would be

    as well its head is reminiscent of the state that bonny was in fnaf 2

  16. Okay so I'm watching @FuhNaff stream and realized the cut scene with Monty breaking, Gregory's shoes have Freddy's face on then, just an extra point to say he's been there a long time right?

  17. You know, only Matt highlights parts in the FNAF books

  18. I love how the fact that it was releasing in july was the scariest part for mat.

  19. The fnaf books are like real stories, based on true events but changed the names of the people they’re writing about, idk but that’s how I like to link the books into the lore 😂

  20. 28:10 I remember seeing a poster for something called chica of the sea and I didn’t really think of it until I saw the sea weed and bubbles and the blue door way which would be odd for a GATOR but not for a entry way to a sea themed attraction so I think this is a new location.

  21. but if Kasey sees Gregory on the cameras how is the mimic making her think its gregory

  22. good job matpat, you turned this one minute video into a video that is less than 2 hours!

  23. Once again looks like matpat was right the ruin was a trap and Gregory really wasn’t that good as you can see in the ending he betrayed Casey

  24. Candy cadet is explaining to Cassie that the monster in the basement in the tail the mum is roxe the girl is Cassie and the monsters is the mimic and Cassie opens the basement

  25. Did anyone else see the Bonnie in the static??? 39:30 , you have to focus a lot but it’s there alongside a few other things

  26. Also that destroyed both though while I am writing this I don’t know if Matt has addressed it already is the mom at the head of the table in the pst it room

  27. For sun design you can see both sun and moon design like right arm sun left arm moon legs moon head maybe both sun and moon if they both active then do the lights on and lights off thing don't work on him no more if so do that means both sun and moon is in control if so how that works because sun is this joyful character and moon is like a discipline character. But if the lights thing do still work on them do that means that when there no lights that moon in control but in a area with lights sun in control. Oh and i noticed that sun or moon wave at us so do that means they good to us

  28. Glitchtrap was associate with green in vr

  29. I'm so incredibly hype for Ruin! We've got some very interesting concepts and some new questions in store. The mimic thing is definitely interesting. Honestly, I agree with Matpat that we're gonna end up having to make a choice in this game: help Gregory or help ourselves.

  30. Watching this after Ruin has released and knowing Ash doesn't get to be part of it makes me sad

  31. MATPAT does a great Nicolas Cage impression

  32. 0:00 pause, rewind, zoom in

    They killed wolf link in tears of the kingdom 🙁

  33. Gotta love that I saw Helluva Boss on that YouTube home page

  34. isn't it weird how in fnaf vr, glitchtrap is green?

  35. if gregory is evil, why is he trying to escape the pizza plex in security breach

  36. This mans going through sickness my fams going through sickness too im the first to get over it bc i hav emy nanas immune system 🫡 and my mom caught it the baddest

  37. (Spoiler Warning) For anyone who is seeing this, it's been a bit more than a week after the DLC has come out. It's really surprising how much Mat got correct on what the game would be about and that the mimic would be a big part of the gameplay. It's also really cool to see the "true" ending of the last game brought up as it ties similarities to one of the endings in the DLC. Even talking about Roxy's personality, questioning if Gregory is even in the pizzaplex, and the discussions about everything being linked with an AI or a main system are just impressive considering the limited information found in the trailer and how close the real story it. Absolutely Insane.

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