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FNAF reacts to SMG4: Five Nights At Freddy’s Games Be Like…

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“Among Us”


SMG4: Five Nights At Freddy’s Games Be Like…:

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  1. The fact about what they said on the music box mechanic

  2. 🟢•Ben 10 ultimate Ømniverse(Øfficial)🟢• says:

    Foxy for your information yes they are smashable but I recommend getting Gregory a real phone because ye

  3. I do not like that you had Freddy sing "You're screwed" over the FNAF 1 powerout part, kinda ruined it for me

  4. He actually like that idea with big anime please all the time I'll put all the time if that was the case I don't mind getting scared I got to be easy going to be right in the face wow Freddy Freddy is the real idiots

  5. Communist New Jersey Empire 🇯🇪 says:

    I like these videos

  6. Excuse me but, foxy's kind of sus because he hasn't been shocked seeing what Mario is doing

  7. 2:27 well actualy he only said it to phantom fready when he was talking about him coming in the ofice to have a cup of tea

  8. What foxy say when he saw the new animatronic

  9. "oh boy… What did steel wool and Scott bring upon the community" something S M E X Y

  10. "would you date this girl if she was real and confessed her feelings for you" Foxy: yes Bonnie: no

    There's two types of people in this world

  11. "probably the most scariest game is up next" why is it scary cuz it's all up in your face…probably

  12. FroZtgamer Games, Reactions, and More. says:

    Haha I’m with foxy on the girls part but yeah haha, this was funny, one main concern, isn’t greggory like 7 or 8? Should he be listening to so much swearing? Then again atleast these guys aren’t trying to tear him apart like G freddy’s crew tried to.

  13. Is nobody even gonna Question about what Chica*Aka Susie* Has just said

  14. When will foxy know foxes counts as dogs

  15. you know who else is screwed? i̷̊͜t̵̫́s̸̝̚ ̷̈͜ȳ̷̙o̷̦̓u̴̯̿

  16. Everyone asks What's the Dog doin But they never ask how's the dog doing😭

  17. Foxy: are they Smashable
    me: yes Foxy and yes In that way

  18. Shut up Freddy you don't know William's mom and second, you're in a video game your death was not able to be stopped so stop being mean to william.

  19. He said what his address was a long time ago. It's on goscrewyourself avenue.

  20. Avatar Thanos The Legendary Superhero says:

    3:09 i died laughing when foxy asked are the fnia animatronics smashable, and yes foxy they are smashable to answer your question

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