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FNAF Plus 20/20/20/20 MODE Fan Game Playthrough
0:00 Intro
0:17 Fails
13:17 I Won
19:53 Outro




#fnaf #fivenightsatfreddys #fnafplus

Credit~ ♝
The Creator “Lost Paw Plays” Deleted the game. No download link available.

Outro Music
Track: Jo Cohen & Sex Whales – We Are [NCS Release]
Music provided by NoCopyrightSounds.
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  1. What version is this ive installed version 5.5 and it does not look like this

  2. so no reward or secret for managing to beat that?? that's a bit dissapointing

  3. Aye man all I want to say is I found you off of tt and Im really happy that I subscribed to you Because you are so fun to watch a really make my day keep up the good work have a blessed day

  4. I saw this on tt and I had to see the whole thing ASAP ‼️ and I subscribed too bec why not yk 💪

  5. I’m pretty sure golden Freddy only moves when the powers out or I you don’t move for a certain amount of time

  6. So idk if it’s just me but when I play the 20/20/20/20 mode it randomly drains 10 to 20% of power and idk if that’s part of the game or not

  7. Ehanix's FNAF Beta released because someone asked him if the download was on the game page. That person who asked was me…

  8. I love how he took off his headphones to not get scared

  9. last time i watched ur vid u barely have hundreds views.. but wow now u have 95k. Congratulations keep going

  10. I wonder what will happen if you set it to 1987 like the other fnaf games?

  11. Whose tickling Freddy’s fazballs 💀

  12. does anyone know where I can play this version of the game with the phone guy because every time I download from the telegram lostpawplays I get the version of no phone guy or the ghost hunter stuff.

  13. Bro I just realized that foxy starts by takin 5 percent but the more times he does that it multiplys

  14. sorry if u get asked this alot but i thought this game was cancelled how are you playing it?

  15. How do u get fnaf plus? Ik how to get it but none of them work.

  16. U can just leave the left door closed at all times which is a better strat

  17. what fnaf version is this? cuz the one i downloaded is not the same versioin you are playing

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