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FNaF on Scratch

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In this video, I take a look at the various ways people bring FNaF to Scratch! Whether it’s with fangames or full on remakes this is gonna be interesting either way…

Second Channel:

0:00 – Intro
0:29 – Five Nights at Spring Bear 2
1:51 – 3 Nights at Gamer’s
3:09 – 5 Nights at Jackson’s
4:22 – ESTR
5:40 – FNaF (remake)
6:23 – One Night at Minecraft’s 2
7:09 – Ultimate Custom Night (My Edition)
8:30 – Outro
Music Used (In Order)

T3rr0r Music Playlist:

Flying Lotus – Aqua Tenn (inst)

Just Add Water – FNaF 6

Flat Zone – SSBM

Scatman – ski-ba-bop-dop-bop (inst)

Mj Moonwalker – Beat It

Icicle Mountain – SSBM

Groovy Gravy – FNaF 6

C418 – Wait

Baldi’s Basics Theme

Rusty Cage Background music


  1. Why is this so trash from scratch

  2. A bit bummed he never covered one night at tims's. The creator produces great content, and works really hard on their games. (most of them are REALLY high in quality) The jumpscares are suprising, the mechanics are cool, and there's an ACTUAL story! But it's fine.

  3. I actually have a friend who litteraly made fnaf 1-4 (four im pretty sure was finished last) and sister location

  4. they all lack new mechanics the ai also sucks on all of them

  5. Back when I was in grade 4 or something I played a FNAF2 game that me and my friends played way too much. The only difference from the original was that the lights could stop working if you used them too much, and withered foxy went in the right vent

  6. can someone drop the link in the comments?

  7. Honestly surprised you didnt play a game like Five Nights At Endros (FNAE), Hide To Survive (HTS), Five Nights At Kirby's (FNAK), and more, these arent really well known games in the fnaf scratch community, I'd know since Im part of it.

  8. If you look closely you can see my game. It's the bovine disturbances. I know you probably won't but it would be pretty cool if you played it

  9. Heya my friend help make the code for the 5 fnaf games remakes

  10. These scratch fan games are nowhere close to the actually good ones, and I find it annoying every YouTuber finds these bottom barrel stolen games on scratch. If you’d like to see real good fan games, just look at Puffy’s, TWaK, FNaE Daylight, and so many more.

  11. Fun fact: Five nights at spring bear 2 actually is just a remixed version of a other game that got banned called Five nights at PP 2 Remastered by CandyIsHere. 0:33

  12. I'm creating a version too, when i finish it (It's gonna take SO much work) i'll link it to you in a video where i tag you

  13. the studio 'scratch horror community' has the scariest scratch games i ever played

  14. I am a scratcher and trying to develop one. I still need to make a decent night change sequence (have one in mind), a second animatronic, and the AI for both animatronic. I may share a link to you to do a review once it is done.

  15. Play five nights at scratch, is cool because i have part 2

  16. T3ror at 7:36: his screech can bet heard 10'000 miles away
    People who are 10'001 miles away:

  17. Ah i suddenly remember a game called five nights at trumps which was actually pretty fun

  18. I think there was a scratch fnaf that looked like fnaf 1

  19. FNAF In Banned Of Scratch (The Only Way To Get It Back Is Say That FNAF Is Not Scary)

  20. The Guy Witch Banned FNAF On Scratch Is Sorry For Doing That

  21. 3:14 we just not gonna about how it said Gamer god 88 and T3rr0r said Gamer god 99 /s

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