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FNAF Movie Will Be Rated R (teaser trailer)

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  1. Didn’t Scott himself confirmed that it will be too brutal even for most adults?

  2. 😮😢😢😢 sad because I'm the new Nights at Freddy's radar

  3. It is not a kids movie. It’s children dead in suits

  4. Its pg 13 its fine I’m pretty sure a lot of kids watch venom let there be Carnage. It’s also PG-13 Plasa I’m gonna see anyway.

  5. my friend whether its good or not millions are going to watch it anyways

  6. I have always knew it would be pg13 because kids play the game

  7. Bro is far away from rated R if they show the kids being killed 💀

  8. Hope we get to see William spring locked and it’s rated so kids will still be able to see it lol

  9. FNAF is 100% NOT for kids. If you think FNAF games were made for kids, after FNAF 2, you are dead wrong.

  10. I want it to be a rated R Because I want to see violence I want to see kids to get the knifed in the back stabbed over and over and over and a lot of blood And heads getting bitten off. By animatronics It may sound like something a psychopath would like, but that’s just the lore of Five nights at Freddy’s It’s brutal and not for kids

  11. It should only be rated-r since fnaf wasn't meant for kids in the first place. Just look at the story. What part of stuffing dead kids in robots is kid friendly? Only security breach was the only kid friendly game, and it sucked.

  12. It definitely should be rated r. The kids who grew up with this game are no longer kids but young adults.

  13. I wish it was r rated because Afton swimming in ketchup would be epic to watch

  14. well if there is a second movie I know every man in the cinema would simp for toy chica.

  15. "-kids movie rated r"
    I mean there's kids in the movie so-

    I guess it's a kids movie

  16. The games are M idiot so PG-13 would make sense

  17. The person that made this movie created the Muppets so that would me that the anamatronnics are not CGI…😮😮

  18. If I don’t see Afton get spring locked I’m running so fast I open a speed force portal and I got through the speed force and back in time before I watched it, then slowly realize it’s a cannon event and Miguel O’Hara is coming for me👁️👄👁️

  19. They shouldve made it rated atleast m so we can get some my lore and more horror

  20. The fact that in the background it wasn't even the FNAF movie it was that one short panda movie 😂

  21. A kids movie? The place takes place in a pizza place where kids have parties, kids died there and got stuffed into a bear suit and those kids killed more kids and night guards.

  22. Then that guy realizes that freddy and chica are kids…….


  24. Even tho it was made by blumhouse they also produced m3gan witch was PG-13 but it was also a frightful film so it will probably be PG-13

  25. Ey yoooo he goreng the rost yooooooo he got the w rizz and you get the l rizz bro

  26. I am 7 and i am gonna watch it because I live in Indonesia

  27. It’s not a kids movie it’s a young adult movie cause there would be a lot of death


  29. Y’all got all wrong it obviously Freddy + TOY Chica and then Chica + Bonnie

  30. bro really said freddy and chica together

  31. Its not like ur gonna throw up the moment you see some blood-💀

  32. I really hope that they don’t make it a kids movie

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