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FNAF movie trailer is OUT

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  1. Stop saying that bc all of the ppl don't now what's going to be happening it's a surprise

  2. Imagine you go to the movie and you hear: Hello everybody my name is markiplier

  3. i want markiplier and matpat to be in movie mark as phone guy and matpat as detective

  4. Maybe this is the "last guy" that was mentioned in the Phone Guy's first message on Night 1.

  5. bro if marketplier screams was that the bite of 87' ima lose my shit, im telling you those three words will make the audience go into pure chaos

  6. If mark is phone guy it will be legendary. “Hello hello hello”

  7. Okay so I dont know if anyone told you but halloween is on the 31st of October not the 27th.

  8. If Mark "can't say anything yet", then he's absolutely in it.

  9. if matpat isent in this as a side charater that is a conspiracy theorist who seems kinda crazy ima be let down

  10. I am expecting Mark as Jeremy in the second movie taking the bite of 87


  12. No fair the showtime button works in the movie

  13. Imagine Mark ends up being the phone guy 😂
    (Ps I did not steal Shadowjab1747 comment)

  14. Mark: "I'm not allowed to say anything about it yet"

    Wouldn't that state that he's somewhat involved?

  15. This movie It's going to get si much money…..

  16. I REFUSE TO BELIEVE markiplier will not be in the movie, they basically have to have him it it for the fnaf idol he is

  17. Markiplier has to unironically shout his famous line when that scene comes on.
    If you don't understand this, I will take your cinema ticket…Here are the ones I have already taken from other sites, does anyone want them?
    When they're gone, they're gone!

  18. If mark isnt in the movie the industry truly doesnt care

  19. i think markiplier is williom afton in the movie cause the laughing is familiar

  20. They should have Matpat in the movie as well

  21. damn if mark will be the phone guy i will be so happy

  22. bro if the phone guy will be Markiplier… that would be fire

  23. The FNaF movie has only one night💀☠️☠️

  24. If matpat isn’t in the fnaf movie then it won’t be complete

  25. Guys i made my own Fnaf movie trailer 2 on my own

  26. I hope mark is phone guy and that matpat is a 🕵 detective

  27. Customer: How much for this mini cupcake
    Mark:That will be 19 dollars and 87 cents
    Customer: 19.87??!! For a bite?

  28. Markiplier won't be in the movie, because he is working on his movie, meanwhile Cory is in it

  29. This day at the twenty seventh of October twenty twenty two.
    This week of the day before halloween.
    31st is a halloween Holliday

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