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FNAF Movie React To FNAF Game || Missing Children & Afton Family || My Au

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  1. The video 😈😈😈The background music 😁😁😁

  2. before the movie my cassidy au actually had blue eyes and blonde hair and if you're wondering yes my cassidy au was also a boy

  3. The background music is way too loud I can't hear any of the other things

  4. QWERTY Qué 😯😳🥺😔😌😁👍✨✨❤️💖

    Also Freddy don’t do it

  6. Pobre elizabeth metida en ese animatrónico y morir así y también de c.c ya que murió sabiendo que su hermano le puso ahí en la boca de un animatrónico

  7. Fnaf movie made me loose brain cells tbh, like Elizabeth is Vanessa?!😭

  8. LMAO i did not expect that ending bro…

  9. ngl couldnt hear much cause of the background music

  10. Background music 🔊🔊🔊🔊🔊
    Video’s sound🔇🔇

  11. I like when people like the movie so much good or bad they immediately do a gacha video (I think)

  12. Its a cool video just needs a bit more reaction or chatting with the missing kids

  13. No puedo ver últimamente el YouTuber me falla 🙁

  14. Dude did you have to have the music in the background?

  15. the fandom is better then the movie honestly 😭

  16. you know that Golden Freddy's vengeful soul in the games is Andrew and not Cassidy xd?

  17. can you turn the background music down a little bit but over all the video was good

  18. Why i think
    Charlie it's aby
    Elizabeth it's Elizabeth
    Vanessa it's Vanness
    Garrett its B.v
    Michael it's Michael

  19. turn the music down just so you know i cant hear the og music


  21. The missing kids when william revives: shit

  22. Why was the backround music that loud😂😂

  23. 🍊🥹🤢😃😡🤬🥶😶‍🌫️😱😨😰😥😓🤗🫡🫢🤭🫣🤔

  24. I like it but the music needs to be lower cuz I couldn't hear the videos

  25. I know how the movie isn't much related to the game, but since the story of the movie is written by Scott cawthon, i won't complain

  26. "Twist his *bleep*" got my laughing so hard I fell off by bed and I layed there laughing

  27. Movie Missing Children: Bendy the Bunny FNAF Mixtapes 3-6

  28. Начало просто лучшее😂😂

  29. Bro I can't even hear the video playing bc of the background music😭

  30. I wish they made the movie follow actual lore 💀 like when did vennesa even know who Afton was 😭

  31. The problem is the music I suggest not adding it cause I can’t hear the edits music

  32. The intro is better than the video 🤣

  33. please put the sound they less loud and the song of the meme slightly louder😭👍

  34. Just saying but the back ground music is annoying af

  35. Abby is balloon boy she keeps saying hello

  36. The fact that there are brats in the comments complaining about the movie 💀

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