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Don’t you DARE say that it’s explained in 9:50 instead of 10 minutes.

All of the FNAF lore in 10 minutes, enjoy!

It’s been a while, sorry for the lack of uploads, I am not dead, just very, very busy. I also decided to put work into a 10 minute video which is something I have not done much often, but decided on creating a special video for the first time in a while. Thanks for 2K and all of the recent support! Had alot of fun making the video, though it was pretty strenuous.


Donut County – Raccoon House


  1. BRO the movie better be good and answer a lot of unanswered questions

  2. Roses are red
    Violets are blue
    Why is Micheal naked?
    Why did I watched this?
    If I watch. This one more time
    I will put. Bleach in my eyes :')

  3. There is still going to be another fnaf gamr

  4. I watched fnaf since it came out with Markiplier. All these years watching all of the fnaf games I kinda understood the base story, but this just opens the next level of story telling in one video. Thank you.

  5. Um, Actually your 9.74 Seconds Off 🤓

  6. Im glad i stopped caring about the lore after FNAF4 wtf is this bxllshit lmao

  7. so no one’s gonna talk ab that Big Mac comment 💀

  8. First time hearing the lore thank you for the infomation

  9. And then william come back cause he is a virus ( glicht ) in a computer

  10. In the deception you said that don't you dare tell me that the video is 9 minutes and 50 seconds long it's actually 9 minutes and 51 seconds long

  11. ok so basicially the lore is just murdering children? makes sense tbh

  12. I think I didn’t hear that part but what about Williams wife ?

  13. William was never a lunatic I think that chris/Evan died first and William went insane

  14. bite down on the kid like a big mac got me 💀

  15. People who think in the next game / the movie we wont see afton alive because fires are too strong:

  16. Bro saw he's life flash before his eyes 💀

  17. just so you know, you were wrong when you said that charlie was henry’s only child. i think according to the novels, charlie has a brother named sammy. and he gets snatched away by an animatronic i think.

  18. Technically you would be The 87 not 83<—foxy or mangle

  19. I thought that and im still thinking that purple guy was broken bc 1st was tragedy from fnaf4 whan his son died. After that night he started drinking (ffps cutscenes) and thats whan he showed up to ffp to kill henrys daughter. After that he went berserk and everything he did is ungorgivable

  20. I used to be a really cringy FNAF kid. I used to read all of the books, watch everyone’s gameplays, and watch gacha life FNAF videos non-stop. Im just now starting to get back into the lore and games and stuff. I still remember all of the lore, so I would say that you did a really good job at explaining everything in the FNAF lore. Good job on the great video! I’m so pumped for the movie btw!

  21. I’ma be honest, it looks trash and that’s just sad

  22. Michael Afton is a walking decomposing body and yet he managed to get a job?

  23. William returns to his favorite hobby killing children💀

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