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Fnaf isnt for kids! #fnaf

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  1. Wait… I am a kid and I like FNaF. Is This a problem?

  2. Me watching this after watching the VHS tapes and didn't get scared

  3. fnaf was the best game i ever played when i was five

  4. I'm not scared of five nights i'm pretty it's just so baby

  5. I'm not scared of Five nights at freddy's cause it's so baby

  6. Nobody- FNaF is for kids
    Me- Oh yea my death is definitely not brutal and traumatizing, definitely not

  7. And yet i learned about it when i was 7❤️❤️

  8. 🟪🟪🟪🟪🟪🟪

    Fnaf isn’t for kids

    -William Appleton

  9. i’m 12 and honestly i don’t find any of the fnaf characters scary. depends on the kid i guess!

  10. Aint no way people think FNAF is for kids 💀

  11. Me as a eight year old waching fnaf:💀

  12. I am a child and this is not scary the only scary thing abt fnaf is toy chica

    If u know, you know

  13. ⚠️ warning ⚠️:if you're going to post this pls think before posting it because that's a VHS tape was made by fanmade not the creator it self and we already know fnaf is not made for kids it's a scary game that a robot being poses by a angry souls that there goal is to get revenge pls think first before aploding and so for my Grammer I'm not really good at English 🟪🟪🟪🟪🟪🟪🟪


  15. How about next time you show something official

  16. Fnaf is for mature 12 year olds like me

  17. I'm 11 years old and I love FNAF, I don't find it scary at all, Afton's death was painful😂

  18. People: fnaf is for kids
    Me: mf fnaf ain’t for kids do u think kids wanna watch a kid get bitten by an robot bruh u think they wanna watch themselves jumpscared

  19. Chica in the first frame before showong the child:IM DRUNK……..WHEN YA GO TO HELL!TELL THE DEVIL!.IM DRUNK!

  20. Yeah but most of the scary things are in the vhs tapes that are fan made so um yeah basically

  21. Fnaf before : let’s be scary and tell a story about a horrible man!
    Fnaf now : he comes back again and… wait he killed people?

  22. im 10 years old and i am a fnaf super fan

  23. First of all fnaf is for all ages 2nd I’m 10 and fnaf is the best thing that has happened to me yes I know the lore and 3rd I have that bloody chica as my wallpaper

  24. thats not true yes theres content not for kids but these like fanmade or things kids just not understand or just not notice plus fnaf has a 12 plus what whe can agree is kid

  25. ⭐️ Jęłłÿ Çæmpëłł ⭐️ says:

    FNAF is much more than Just for kids.

  26. 🥺♥️🚫😵♥️☺️😻😻😻😻😾🚫😵♥️😻☺️♥️

  27. Fr tho❤

    Btw I like watching those VHS tapes

    And I'm so young

  28. Other people made that not scott so it's not apart of fnaf

  29. I show my little sister shes a 3 years old she's not scared and she's smiling after I show the VHS tapes she is not scared so FNAF is literally for kids

  30. Please pin this
    Yes the fnaf lores tras children in the suit but if they have no soul and are still moving its way more powerful its agony a strong emocion of pain and suffering that it could be anywhere

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