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FNAF Games VS FNAF Books singing battle || SONGS ARE IN DESC!!

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Songs used :
Glitchtrap – Glitchtrap by Rockit Gaming
Pittrap and Oswald – Into the Pit by Dawko and DHeusta
Circus Baby – Trust me by CK9C
Eleanor and Sarah – To be Beautiful by Dawko and DHeusta
Funtime Freddy and Bon Bon – You can’t hide by CK9C
Funtime Freddy and Millie – Count the ways by Dawko and DHeusta

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  1. I looked at Sarah's eyes more carefully and realised they were similar to Ennard's and I was like "I'm sorry Ennard WHAT DID YOU DO THIS TIME?"

  2. The crying child died in The bite of 87 cuz his brother did a prank that killed him by putting him in fredbear's mouth and in spring locks went off in the mouth. I have no idea what happened for the bite of 83 but I know Chris did not get killed. please give me a shout out if you read this 🙂 or 🙁

  3. Wait-
    But Eleanor don't have clown noise-

  4. The bite of 83 was C.C. and fredbear, while the bite of 87 was Jeremy and mangle.

  5. I know I'm late, but here's a smart ass answer to the question.

    The date.

  6. 3:37 right after the kid said old pittrap says it in a much deeper tone

  7. I like the fact that all the songs lead into evil but count the ways is just like ————YOU NEED TO DIE

  8. HOLD UP- THERE WERE FNAF BOOKS . and don't fnaf books look the same as fnaf game ?

  9. Can you please not make the fun times have two sets of ears-lmaoooo

  10. One was for Jeremy fritzgerald the other was for c.c

  11. (Yells at phone calling for backup crosses chest and runs)

  12. I know I'm late but :

    The difference between the bite of '83 and the bite of '87 is simple,

    1983 – —- – —- Crying Child's Birthday Party
    Foxybro and the bullies pick up the Crying Child and puts him in Fredbear's mouth, Fredbear glitches out and chomps down on the Crying Child

    1987 – —- – —- One of the Freddy Fazbear Locations
    The Night guard at the time was doing his/her jobs and one of the animatronics bit down on their head, costing them their frontal lobe

  13. I didn't even know there was a bit of 83 I thought it was just the bite of 87

    Edit: I am now confused by some of the answers and my brain right now is going

  14. Hard to say who won…. I'll just do it individually then

    1 – glitchtrap won. It was very hard to chose who won tho

    2 – c.b. won

    3 – I say tie

  15. The difference is that the bite if 83 was fredbear and 87 was mangle

    (Those are my beliefs)

  16. If he can run he can run out the door

  17. the bite of 83 was C.C/Even/Chris Afton at his birthday party via. prank gone wrong by his older brother Terrace/Michael Afton and the bite of 87 was the last shift of Jeremy Fitzgerald, when he was bitten by Toy Bonnie in the forehead, also drastically damaging the frontal lobe.

  18. Isent The Pit springbonnie a different version of Springbonnie not Glichtrap

  19. Is it dark and insane that I sing Count the Ways at school at the top of my lungs? Cuz it feels that way.

  20. What are all of these books called? I might get them! 😮

  21. IS it just me or does the 'To be Beautiful' song sound like the cradles song

  22. I mean the Book Series FT Freddy doesn't have Bon Bon there to calm him down and I heard he just woke up when seeing Millie so he might not start off on a good mood

  23. as a fnaf fan that never got to read any on of the books other than the first half of silver eyes, I am very confused but also very intrigued.

  24. Some people confuse 83 with 87, to my knowledge. so there the same thing. sorry if i miss-spelled there. or miss-used it

  25. Every time I see Eleanor I keep thinking it’s me TwT
    (If I didn’t put it well enough lmao my names Eleanor)

  26. Lalalalalalalalalalalalalala Glithctrap decides what's going through your mind. 😀

  27. (ik this is an older video, im not doing this for the shoutout 💀)
    The difference between the Bite of 87 and the Bite of 83?
    The year UvU

  28. Like I always say rip to long song intros😑

  29. Holla ninios 😳😳😳😳😳😳😳 ahhhhhhhhh!

  30. 1234567891011121314151617181920212223242526272829303132333435363738394041

  31. Finally a book and game singing battle 😇😇😇😇😇😍😍😍😍🥰🥰🥰

  32. In 1983 Terrence/Michael Put C.C head inside of Fredbear and it chomped his frontal lobe off

    In 1987 Jeremy (the nightguard) Had his frontal lobe bitten off by Mangle

  33. the bite of 83 was the bite that kill cc the bite of 87 i dont know

  34. Songs:
    Into the pit
    Trust me
    To be beautiful
    You can't hide
    Count the ways
    (All nice songs to choose)

  35. The bite of '83 is where William Afton (The Purple Guy)'s son gets his skull crushed by Fredbear's mouth. The Bite of '87 is where a security guard or day shift worker of some sort gets bitten by (I believe) Mangle.

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