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FNAF GAMES VS. FNAF BOOKS | Singing Battle | Gacha Club | Gacha Pink Sheep :3

Gacha Pink Sheep
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Into The Pit:

Its Time To Die (CLEAN):

Another Round:

Count The Ways:


  1. I also have the into the pit book in real life lol 😂

  2. When has Afton ever cared about a kid Who is about to die like Bruh

  3. I love there songs so much 💖✨💖✨🦋❤️🦋✨💖💖✨

  4. why did Afton tried to stop PitBonnie from killing a child? seriously, Afton is a child murderer.

  5. 「・Exᴏᴛɪᴄ 。Rᴏsᴇ・」 says:

    I love these songgssss-

  6. Wait why is glitchtrap/ afton worrying about itp springbonnie with a knife?
    1.arent they like the same person-
    2. Are they both psychopaths

  7. IF anyone ask, is the pittrap and william is same person??, i will say No because do you see inside mouth of pitrap theres a lot of teeth i dunno but pittraps is like alien because hes teeth is lot, beside william is corps inside springbonnie, but he dont have a lot teeth like pittraps, i think pittrap is from another timeline

    oh and good video

  8. Ok.. so i may have never read the fnaf books… i personally find this very interesting and enjoy it but i also do not understand a damn thing so you know, there's that

  9. Can you do Eleanor and Circus Baby?

  10. May be you can make The story book is stuck in the room with Chris, Eli, Michael Afton

  11. spring bonnie: if it cant talk how can it sing?

  12. You : Wiliam it's can't talk
    On her mind be like : Wow dumnbass
    Edit : Holy water my grammar fquack

  13. I feel like either William immediately forgot he literally just established himself that PitBonnie can’t speak. That, or he was trying to be rude and offensive asking PitBonnie to sing.

    Another thing, PitBonnie cut Oswald's face with his claws, while having a knife in his hand


  15. Wait a sec why was ctw Freddy trying to save micheal 💀

  16. He should he be happy that the kid is being hurt and like…
    Not feel sympathy? 🤡

  17. Something i don’t understand is that glitch trap kill people for fun but is trying to stop pit trap why?

  18. Man fun time Freddy really like calling people food based nicknames "cupcake" "eggs"

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