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FNAF Games Ranked By YOU

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What is the best FNAF game? Let’s see what the community thinks…

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  1. My personal list(haven’t play sb yet, so no sb);

    1. Fnaf 2(My first Fnaf game, so possible bias, but I love how chaotic it gets and I like all the animatronic designs)
    2. Fnaf 1(Also possible bias, but this is probably the “best” one Scott made. Deceptively simple mechanics that all tie to the power, so a real difficult resource management game)
    3. Help Wanted(Prob the “best” Fnaf period, including the Scott-made ones, the vr makes 1-3, especially 3, much more scary and the new games modes are mostly all great. Lord it good, sucks that it lead to sb)
    4. Pizzeria Sim(Great lore, satisfying ending to the series up to this point, lots of replay value, the sim part is really fun, probably the most funny, the surprise release was fun, and was free, that doesn’t hurt)
    5. Fnaf 4(Most overtly scary, animatronics aren’t too scary, but the build up and atmosphere, plus the sound based design really puts me on edge when playing. Made the lore much more confusing though, remember dream theory?)
    6. Sister location(I like the different tasks each night, and the self contained story is really good, but it just feels like something is missing. Not sure how to describe it, but it’s just not as satisfying to play as the other games, even Fnaf 3.)
    7. Fnaf 3(Am I the only one who doesn’t hate Fnaf 3? I know, it’s at the bottom of my list, but I still enjoy the greater use of the cameras. The Spirngtrap jump scares suck, and it’s really easy to exploit the ai, but the atmosphere is one of the best, and the lore is also great, just the gameplay is probably the weakest.)
    8. UCN( though it’s at the bottom, I don’t hate this game. It’s fine which what it is, It’s just not my thing. Tbf I haven’t play it too much, but it just never really interested me outside of the lore, like with the other custom night modes, they never really did that much for me.)

  2. I have never played a fnaf game but fnaf 3 looks like the best one to me

  3. 1. FNAF 4
    2. FNAF 2
    3. Pizzeria Simulator
    4. FNAF 1
    5. Sister Location
    6. UCN
    7. FNAF 3

  4. Why is fnaf 4 5th tho? its litrally a perfect game for horror difficulty plus fun Do people just low it beacuase of the freaking confusing lore? but lets be honest we cant lie about the design and jumpscares. they look so detailed and way better than any fnaf game in my opinion it could have became in place 3rd.

  5. My favorite is fnaf 4 mostly for lore and the designs. Plus listening for breathing makes it super tense and if you are not using headphones it's gg.

    Worst imo is curse of dreadbear. Simply put: most levels are redskins and not fun at all

  6. I despise sister location a burning passion because of night 4 it's impossible

  7. Idk about everyone else but my opinion would be:

    1: FNAF 3
    2: FFPS
    3: FNAF 1
    4: FNAF 4
    5: FNAF SL
    6: FNAF 2
    7: FNAF SB

  8. this list is honestly rlly surprising to me personally as my list clashes terribly

    1. Pizzeria Simulator
    2. Fnaf 2
    3. Sister Location
    4. Fnaf 1
    5. UNC
    Fnaf 3 and 4 are tied at the bottom

  9. if you switch fnaf 1 with 2, this is pretty much my list.

  10. Personal ranking including HW and SB

    1. Pizzeria simulator this game is fantastic in every way the gameplay loop is as good as ever,the humor is top notch, and the designs of MOST characters are amazing (except for obviously scraptrap) I seriously think this game is the most underrated in the franchise also that ending is just flat out masterpiece

    2. Fnaf 1 now I know that this was what all yall were expecting to be number 1 and it almost was but the only thing holding it back is the ending which is fairly boring if it had even a good ending it would have been number 1

    3. Fnaf 2 you all know why this is here no need to explain myself

    4. Sister location while yes the game play isn't great everything else is superb the game is easily the second funniest (behind pizzeria sim) and I'd argue the scariest

    5. Fnaf 4 this was a tough placement to decide since almost all the games from here on out are almost the same in quality but what put this one here is the fact that the mini games after every night are some of the best scenes in the series

    6. Ultimate custom night the thing holding this game back is the lack of lore and mini games if there were more then it could easily make it into the top 4

    7. Help wanted I quite like the fact that this game brings us back to old fnaf locations and the fact that the hand unit voice actor is back the major flaw is that they brought back afton (even though I still like glitchtrap's design)

    8. Fanf 3 the things keeping this from last are the mini games, the ending, and springtrap's design (seriously put him in DBD)

    9. Security breach this game is objectively bad even though I like some of the new designs nothing could save this train wreck

  11. I think FNAF 1 and 2 are so high up in part because of phone guy, he was our only explicit lore provider at that time and i feel like it's not the same hearing a panicking voice saying "what are you doing here? Didn't you get the memo?" Than a computer voice like in sister location + the Minigames and easter eggs were a new thing back when those were the only games out there

  12. I was always upset that fnaf 3 is ranked the lowest in everyone's list i Watch

  13. My ranking is
    1. help wanted
    2. UCN
    3. FNaF 2
    4. SL
    5. SB
    6. FNaF
    7. FNaF 4
    8. FNaF 3
    9. PS

  14. sister location was great because it gave the lore new life (the original lore ended at fnaf 4 kinda). sister location also kinda sucked because it wasnt much of a game

  15. Number 1 should be fnaf 1, then fnaf ucn, then fnaf 2, then fnaf ucn, then fnaf sl, then fnaf ps, then fnaf 3, then fnaf 4

  16. I thing ffps and ucn are free more people played it I think?

  17. Here's my personal rankings:

    1 – FNaF2
    2 – FNaF1
    3 – FNaF4
    4 – FNaF6/FFPS
    5 – FNaF3
    6 – FNaF SL
    7 – UCN

  18. fnaf 3 is the best one in the franchise

  19. Fnaf SL & Fnaf SB is my favourite

  20. I’m honestly shocked at how low fnaf 3 is on this list. I’ve very recently got into these games and I’m only just now starting sister location but I’d say fnaf 3 is my absolute favorite. The atmosphere, springtrap, the story, the gameplay were all amazing.

  21. The reason UCN is #3 (atleast in my mind) is high up because it is genuinely fun, you play the e game and there is never a still moment + you get to choose your difficulty. There may not be lore but it is just fun. Now fnaf 6 on the other hand BEWILDERS me. When playing the game with all characters, the night typically takes 10+ minutes because of the pure rng and it’s difficulty. It doesn’t feel fun but more of a chore as you have to do the EXACT SAME THING for every animatronic and it’s not even dun to do. The night section is one of the worst in the series and only gets redeemed by the mini games and day section, but even then it doesn’t deserved #4 IMO

  22. I didn't expect ucn…… Still my favorite !

  23. Fnaf 4 is my favorite I don’t care what anyone says

  24. This is fnaf4 slander!!! This one is my favorite for the story ! Tho- I don’t play these games cuz I’m a wee chicken who only really plays ftl and Stardew lolol, but- fnaf4?!?!! My sweet tortured children? I’ll love them myself I guess

  25. Gen tho love your content and voice, very soothing to listen to ya even if you the best catgirl baddie

  26. The first fnaf is my favorite of the series

  27. Sister location is the worst for me because it destroyed fnaf lore.

  28. In terms of gameplay my favorite FNAF game is FNAF VR help wanted‚ in terms of story my favorite is FNAF 3.

  29. So glad people are defending fnaf 3, the people who hate it are on copium, people who say its not the favorite are forgivable and i respect their opinion, but people cope so much, for people who say 2 is the best you are coping.

  30. Great video!

    I remember seeing all the hype and discussion surrounding these games when they came out so it's so weird hearing some of them get called overrated or underrated in the comments 😅

  31. The comments are looking at it from a viewer standpoint instead of a playing standpoint

  32. Bro why is no one ranking help wanted?

  33. if i had to chose sister location or fnaf 3 5 nights im choosing fnaf 3

  34. FNAF3 is one of my favorites, it doesnt get the respect it deserves

  35. That's it, I can't take the FNaF 3 slander anymore

  36. Pizza sim is my favorite just for the ending

  37. I love how you looked at multiple sources instead of just your comment section. A lot of people who do "ranked by fans" videos do only their comments section because apparently they think their comments section is the representative for the ENTIRE FNAF community

  38. Fnaf 4
    Fnaf 3
    Fnaf 1
    Fnaf 2
    Fnaf PS
    Fnaf UCN
    Fnaf SL

  39. 11. Fnaf AR
    10. Fnaf world
    9. Fnaf 3
    8. Fnaf pizzeria simulator
    7. Fnaf UCN
    6. Fnaf sister location
    5. Security breach
    4. Fnaf 4
    3. Fnaf 1
    2. Fnaf 2
    1. Fnaf help wanted

  40. Kinda sad we know that SB would be at the top. Ignoring Ruin, its such a shit game especially when this video came out

  41. Ucn absolutley deserves 3rd place. It may not be the scariest game of the series and the one with the leadt story,but the gameplay is just the best one of the whole series,and its not even close

  42. It doesn't surprise me when you pool people who've actually played all the games, the two games with the most gameplay/variety did well.

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