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FNAF Games Ranked by Horror

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Today I ranked the Five Nights at Freddy’s games based on how scary they are. The list is organized from least scary to scariest and includes FNAF1-4, Sister Location, Pizzeria Simulator, Ultimate Custom Night, and Security Breach.

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  1. By scariness:

    10. Special Delivery – Is this supposed to be scary? If so, it fails miserably. Animatronics just run at you with no regard for the makeup of your room, so it never feels like they're actually there.

    9. Ultimate Custom Night – This is all about the gameplay, and is not really aiming for scares.

    8. Security Breach – It has some scares. The Moondrop is decently freaky, the underground sequence with Chica has a very Outlast feel to it (I know you feel differently about that part, which is fine), and obviously the biggest standout moment in this regard is the Endo sequence. Unfortunately, the rest of the game just isn't scary, despite trying to be. A big part of that is that the environments are, for the most part, drenched in bright neon, and the AI just isn't good enough.

    7. Sister Location – I see this one more as a dark, twisted Tim Burton type of story, with plenty of sick, twisted ideas, dark atmosphere, and a lot of creepiness, but not much terror. Though it has its moments, like the Funtime Freddy sequence, the Bidybab hiding sequence, and the Foxy hallway.

    6. FNaF 2 – This is my controversial ranking. I love the game for it's gameplay and lore, but it is simply too fast-paced, leaving you with no time to be scared, but the death minigame and first person bits are genuinely unnerving.

    5. FNaF 3 – Many would have this lower, but despite his weak jumpscare, Springtrap is truly nightmarish, and the feeling of panic that sets in when you lose track of him and hear a vent sound is quite real. The biggest fear flaw is the phantom jump scares are too frequent, making you build a tolerance to them.

    4. Pizzeria Simulator – The survival sequences are are probably in the top 3 in terms of fear factor. The design, audio, and fact that there is no timer to wait out really works here. I just knock it down a spot because it is half horror game, half goofy comedy (which is actually the game's best aspect).

    3. Help Wanted – Overall, the sequences playable here are hit and miss, but the VR ramps things up by default, and when it works, it really works. Highlights are the Scrap Baby plush levels, and of course the vent repair levels.

    2. FNaF 4 – This is the most hardcore horror FNaF has ever been. The music is dark, the atmosphere is thick, the animatronics are nightmarish, and having to go to the doors and wait for sound while peering into the darkness, knowing they could be on the other side, always works. Foxy in the closet is every child's worst nightmare, and the Freddles are hellish little things.

    1. FNaF 1 – This is the scariest. The premise keeps things simple, it lets your imagination run wild, the atmosphere is thick, sound design is on point, and the constant threat of running out of power looms large. If you do run out, you see those glowing eyes and teeth as the jingle plays, and then all the lights go out as you pray it switches over to 6am. Add to that, the horrifying implications of the phone guy calls as they progress, and you have yourself a bonafide horror classic.

  2. Here's some ideas for future ranking videos:

    1. Main Menus
    2. Jumpscares
    3. Game over screens

  3. Fnaf 3 is pretty up there for me personally just cause there’s that factor of being completely alone and generally unprotected. Also the fact that we are only focusing on just one animatronic as opposed to the five or more in the other fnaf games gets me. Like what’s so important or dangerous about this one animatronic that we only need to focus on him? But that’s just my opinion though.
    Side note: i forgot to mention but the atmosphere in fnaf 3 also is why I have this game higher on my list. Honestly I think the atmosphere in this game is the main reason it’s so creepy. There’s something about that high pitched noise that’s just really eerie to me and I think a lot of other people.
    This game in my opinion deserves more credit.

  4. Fnaf 4 is the most unrealistic cuz why cant the kid just shut his closet and doors?!? and sleep under the bed or sum or just sleep on the bed with his handy flash OR Sleep with Elizabeth cuz when poeple are together at night it’s a lot less chance a monster or animatronic would get you

  5. FNAF 3 so underrated in my eyes. The creepy atmosphere, lack of action, helplessness, reaction time, and the sound when he's in the vents. Not to mention him staring at you in the doorway

  6. Fnaf 1 was the first with voice acting just look at phoneguy

  7. i think i only ever feared fnaf 1, the rest of the games were completely boring and predictable. fnaf 1 is the only one that, back in the day, there lacked proper strategy specifically for freddy. the rest of the games Had strategy and there was a rhythm to them

  8. I love how for every game you give a variation of bonny as a representative. (I count Monty because he is literally just security breaches bonny, and plus he replaced bonny so, yeah.) also The traps are bonnie because it is just Afton inside a worn and torn springbonnie costume which is early bonnie and if we can consider yellow bear ( Who is the early freddy) As golden freddy then spring bonny is no different.

  9. For me, FNaF 4 was always at the top solely for the look of the nightmare animatronics

  10. My ranking:

    8. UCN – not even a horror game
    7. Security Breach – Vanny is super scary but the main animatronics aren't
    6. Pizzeria Sim – pretty creepy
    5. Fnaf 4 – Scott tried way too hard here. The designs aren't scary at all to me because they don't play on that fear of blending innocence and horror like most of the other games do. The way you need to listen and then get blasted is a scary system though.
    4. Fnaf 2 – Fnaf 1 with a less scary atmosphere. The withered animatronics and the puppet are scary though. So are the Freddy pov cutscenes.
    3. Sister Location – Although this is where the franchise started to focus on humour a lot, it still has some genuinely terrifying moments. The designs of Ennard and the miniriners are horrifying.
    2. Fnaf 1 – The atmosphere of this game is unmatched, well almost unmatched.
    1. Fnaf 3

    Yeah I put Fnaf 3 as the scariest. Springtrap's design is absolutely horrifying. People shit on fnaf 3's horror because it isn't jumpscare based. Seeing Springtrap move towards you as he moans in pain is so unnerving. It also uses movement way more than the previous 2 games. Seeing Springtrap dash past your camera is super creepy. And there's still the phantoms for you people who only care about jumpscares.

  11. yeah i agree fnaf three is not scary but it little bit hard because of the system error

  12. the tycoon mode of pizza sim enhances the dread and tension i'd argue. its a quick escape and you can feel the fear building as you run out of coins and are forced to work in the office. not to mention the salvaging

  13. To me the scariest to this day is sister location. It was the first game where to atmosphere was the focus and sound was used against you. It's the first game where you felt like you were completely defenseless. The designs are also unsettling. The way baby's face is segmented with a permanent smile is just chilling. This imo was the first time the game was scary again.

    While I just thought fnaf 4 was just not scary. If you have to make it scary it's not scary. I just feel like fnaf 4 had the least scary models up to thay point. Sb really shed some light on fnaf4. Fnaf 4 is also the game that kinda killed my enjoy for fnaf games until sister location release so a bit of bias. Game was kinda boring. Do give it points for having some chilling mini games

  14. The scariest part of Sister Location to me is in the scooping room at the end, when you see all the animatronics' bodies on the floor and realise whatever's been chasing you was not Ballora.

  15. FNaF 3 may not be the scariest as a game, but it’s terrifying to be put into the scenario yourself, as you might expect with any of these games.

    I had a nightmare where I was put into the FNaF 3 office and told to just deal with it, and it was the worst. I was so happy when that part of the dream was over. Not that the rest of the dream was much better, but at least it wasn’t that again.

  16. Ffps is the only game i cant play
    I cabt even watch videos of office part sometomes and i cloae my eyes
    I can play aby fnaf but ffps terrify me…

  17. the only even remotely scary part of Security Breach is the endoskeletons
    also the scoop in the sister location baby mini game scared the everliving shit out if the first time

  18. My List
    8 UCN
    7 Security Breach
    6 Sister Location
    5 FNAF 3
    4 Pizzeria Simulator
    3 FNAF 2
    2 FNAF 1
    1 FNAF 4

  19. I think that Sister Location should be at least number 3. I always thought the atmosphere was so unsettling, the jumpscares were TERRIFYING, and it adds so much disturbing lore that genuinely freaks me out sometimes.

  20. When u get jumpscared by springtrap he be like have any games on your phone

  21. The true horror of SB…

    gigachad crocodile.

  22. The only thing scary about UCN is Dee Dee. The animatronics don’t scare me, but that thing (pointing at Dee Dee) it scares me.

  23. I can’t play for FNAF VR because I have a problem with my eyes being that close to a screen but I probably can play it in flat mode though

  24. I think the first five nights at Freddy’s is the scariest one and call me a baby but I can’t get past night 2 that’s how scary the game is and in my opinion five nights at Freddy’s 1 is the scariest game ever

  25. Lol Fnaf 4 isn’t even scary all the models are so over the top it just becomes stupid

  26. Fnaf 2 they say it is the best fnaf game out of the series

  27. "Security Breach isn't scary"
    Moondrop: Observe.
    Map Bot: Take a map.
    Music Man: claps cymbals
    Decommissioned Chica: EÉĒ ÕØŒ ÂÃÁÄÅAÁ

  28. Great video. Yeah I can’t play FNAF4, too scary for me. Also, 1 and 6 give me too much anxiety. These games kick into that “i don’t wanna check” feeling that you have when you hear noises in the dark. That “i know i should check but I’m terrified to” feeling. Only 1, 4 and 6 give me that feeling. The other games all give you a clear warning before things happen. I would rank them as


    I think 3 is scarier than you give it credit for. It isn’t scary so much until you start getting all those errors that you have to reboot and you have no idea where springtrap is. That feeling of “he could be right outside the door or in the vents” terrifies me. I get mad anxiety when those systems go offline. And Springtrap himself is really creepy and unsettling. The way he stares at you through the door or the window, the way he sprints past your monitor when he’s gotten into your office. He acts like a cat, and it really creeps me out. I don’t think it quite has the anxiety of 1, 4 and 6, but I would put it right below them. This is also the only game in the series that gets scarier the more I play it. Springtrap starts to get to me after a while. Really unsettling.

  29. The springtrap jumpscare in fnaf 3, sounds like the after drinking Sound xD.

  30. The lore of Ultimate custom night, is the scariest in the whole Series. and the menu Music is amazing, some of the Lines Can be extremely unsettling.

  31. SB would be scarier if it was a abandoned shopping like some fans had already did

  32. Admittedly I feel like fnaf 6 was scarier than fnaf 1 since in fnaf 1 all you got to really do is watch foxy, slam the doors on chica and Bonnie and don’t run out of power. Fnaf 6 however you must use sound queues to hear which vent the animatronic is coming for. And make sure you don’t make to much noise or else you will die. Plus you don’t have a set time till the phase is over. The noise detection can get very creepy if you hear the animatronics talking to you. I will say however I don’t find the salvage phases that difficult, if you know when to shock them. I’m not saying fnaf 1 is super easy, but I do say it’s easier than fnaf 6.

    I do say however I don’t have the best headphones , but I still think fnaf 6 is very hard. I also have an occasionally glitchy monitor which makes any horror game 10x more panic indusing since my whole entire monitor goes black while the game is still running.

  33. Every fnaf game was never scary its more of a difficult game. but imo the Daycare part in Security Breach is kinda horrifying

  34. What does Dee Dee even do!?!?!

  35. Where is special delivery? That game is actually pretty scary because it gives you the feel that even your home isn’t safe.

  36. Fnaf 3 is creepy I mean cmon put it above 2 springtrap is terrifying the music in the mini games like Bonnie's lullaby like damn please above 2

  37. Fnaf 3s mini games are creepy have you heard Bonnie lullaby during the shadow Bonnie minigame and you having to glitch the game and the music like goddamn

  38. 3 scared the living s*** out of me when I first played it. Once you know what to do, it’s easier to counter the scares.

  39. I agree, security breach isn’t scary unless if ur in the areas where you destroy the animatronics, like the sewers with chica. And my most scary one (for jumpscares) is SL because the face plates and stuff like that, the scariest atmosphere is fnaf 6 no doubt, and gameplay is fnaf 4 cause you have to listen to not die, and when you turn up your audio to hear better, that means the jumpscare is louder and more scary

  40. My personal rating

    1: Pizzeria Sim (salvage & office sections)
    2: fnaf 4 (sound mechanics)
    3: sister location (same reason in video)
    4: fnaf 1 (just horrifying, same reason in video)
    5: fnaf 2 (same reason in video, but I’m not used to jumpscares yet)
    6: fnaf 3 (better than what’s next)
    7: ucm (same reason as video)
    8: help wanted (same reason as video)

  41. I personally find F4 to be artificially scary. F1 is scary because of the premise, the tension it builds, and the ambience. The jumpscares aren't that bad anymore but I still feel my skin crawl every time I hear those footsteps, freddy's laughter, or see foxy's stage empty.

    F4 is only scary because it forces you to crank your volume and lean in to play it effectively, of course the jumpscares are going to get you, your volume is up to 100% and you're 2 inches from your monitor. I also find that F4 fails to bring an adequate amount of tension to the table, with no cameras it really just becomes a matter either hearing breathing or not hearing breathing, with F1 you really do feel a sense of panic when those damn robots move for the first time. You have what should just be a normal job, with normal tools, but that damn bunny is walking closer and closer to my office.

    I will admit that F1 drops off in scariness around night 4, because at that point you really can't risk examining the cameras to try to locate the animatronics and you only really bring up the camera to look at Foxy and your camera is basically glued to cam 1c. You can simply track freddy by counting his laughs and as long as you check your lights and close the right door before looking at Foxy, you're 100% safe.

    There's just something so special about the way the first game plays that I don't think the series has recaptured since, not that F4 is a bad game, I just think F1 is scarier.

  42. 5:29
    "This is also the first fnaf game with voice acting"

    Fnaf world: Am I a joke to you?

  43. Minecraft when you're down in the caves becomes 10x scarier than anything that FNAF has done so far. Undertale's music is epic, but its ambiance is lackluster at best, although its AUs have some terrifying ideas. BATIM is very ambiance heavy and has good music too. And finally, a lot of Pokemon creepypastas I've heard about have scarier stories than some of FNAF's moments. Only one of the games I've mentioned is actually a horror game (FNAF not included).

  44. Him: FNAF 1 has no single picture jumpscares
    Golden Freddy: Am I a joke to you?

  45. Security Breach Is outlast but without the scary parts

  46. the way too over the top and almost goofy designs in fnaf 4 nuke the horror from orbit honestly

  47. Something that really sucks any horror out of UCN is how the jumpscares loop for way too long and then awkwardly freeze. That and the jumpscare sounds are played fully. In games likes FNAF 1, 2, 4, and 5 you only heard a second of the jumpscare sounds so they didn't overstay their welcome

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