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FNAF Games Ranked by Difficulty

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This is my personal ranking of the main FNAF games organized from easiest to hardest. I’ve been meaning to do this one for a while so I hope you enjoy.

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  1. How is fnaf 2 and fnaf 1 so high???
    In my opinion these are the easiest. Fnaf 2 specofically, i played it oj the phone and
    I think i went up to custom night
    Thats saying sth

    Fnaf 1 is a bit harder

    I wont change my mind tho abt the hardest game. Ffps is still the hardest game in the franchise in my opinion

  2. 4:08 And yet and I died many many times trying to put in the code

  3. bro fnaf vr is one of the best
    I honestly forget that flat mode even exists

  4. Great video, but I think that FNaF 4 should be way higher on this list. The difficulty increase is INSANE! The first night is super easy, nothing actually happens until 5 am. Night 2 is a little step up, but still pales in difficulty to the rest of the game. Night 3 and on, is just hell. You have to balance checking on the freddles while running from door to door to make sure bonnie or chica don't clobber your face off. On top of that, you also need to make sure you have to keep foxy from getting inside the closet in your room. And in situations where you're going to one side to check on the animatronic on that side, and foxy is going to the other side, there is not a lot you can do. In night 4+ if Foxy gets into your closet, it's game over. You're screwed. You can't keep track of 4 things at once in this insanely fast paced night. And don't even get me started on night 5 or nightmare mode. Nightmare Fredbear with his laughs, and dtermining if it's fake or not, really just meseses with your brain and it's really hard. I also feel like what you said about how you only have to look and move and not listen for night 5 and nightmare is really inaccurate. If you make a mistake and go to the wrong side, you need to be fast as light to go right over to the opposite one. And his laughing is so annoying trying to figure out where he is and if it's even real or not.

  5. Security breach had such a good idea
    Sad it ended up being a horror game a Xbox live child screaming in the Mic could speedrun

  6. I want to know where fnaf world appears on this tier list.

  7. I reeaaaally thought number 1 was going to be FNaF World

  8. Has five braincells and can't finish a single game go brrrrr

  9. The scariest part of sec breach is the moon situation in play care

  10. I made a deal with my sister on that I could finish 5 nights of a final game, which I haven’t, and she’s an artist and said she would make me anything I want, so I must finish

  11. If you are going to judge help wanted using its flat version you might as well exclude it

  12. i do not disagree with your ranking of flat help wanted, as it is far far easier than the vr version.

  13. The only part of security breach where I died is the endo section

  14. I honestly dont give a shit for fnaf VR and AR

  15. Sister location night 4 literally has the hardest night in the series

  16. the mobile fnaf 3 to my knowledge is heavily scripted, run by run, my run on night 3 consisted of an instant jumpscare by a phantom and springtrap moving in the same directions, all though I was dumb and didn't know how to lure him away. every time I died on night 3 it was the same scripted instant phantom jumpscare etc.

  17. Haven't played sb but it sounds like a lot of money for bugs and not living up to trailers, but some fans chose that scam by making them rush the game (i know the dude who posted this video didnt do that)

  18. Agreed. Fnaf help wanted flat mode is boringly easy. When in vr you feel the panic and are scared of how fucking big they are. When im flat mode its just a 3d fnaf emulator.

  19. My list is:

    1- UCN
    2- FNAF 2
    3- FNAF 1
    4- FNAF: PS
    5- FNAF 4
    6- FNAF: SL
    7- FNAF 3

  20. Security Breach might be the hardest FNAF game because of glitches, bugs, rushed development, no pacifist route, etc

  21. Already I’m going to guess ucn is number 1

    Edit: I would say called it but that would mean it was a surprise

  22. I only played 1 and 2, and I’m honestly surprised that they weren’t the easiest 2😂I remember them being super easy back in second grade

  23. Even tho ive re started fnaf 6 MANY MANY TIMES i still dont get what the fuck am i supposed to do to survive really

  24. FNAF security breach was made to piss matpat off
    Since it's an "open world" FNAF game and you bet every room has lore

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