FNAF GAMES IN 2021 HAVE ME SCREAMING. | FNAF: Project Glowstick (Awesome game!) - jetgame.pl

FNAF GAMES IN 2021 HAVE ME SCREAMING. | FNAF: Project Glowstick (Awesome game!)

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So it’s been a while since we’ve played any Five Nights at Freddy’s fan-games and so I figured it was about time to hop back into one and see the cool things being made! Welcome to a game called FNAF: Project Glowstick, a fan-game that is uhh TERRIFYING. Enjoy

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  1. that demon porkchop is there, i see him in the video and yeah thats a sign of danger

  2. Goldfish actually have really good memory 🐟

  3. The beginning of this reminds me of how some kid used a fork to jam the door and lock me in one of those little play jungle gym areas at a Chuck E Cheese. I’m sure if I pushed hard enough I could’ve gotten past it but I remember being afraid of breaking either the door or the fork, both made of cheap plastic. I don’t know why this playground had doors on the little pod things in the structure, but they did.

  4. If you saw Porkchops adventure and know what that is. You knew some good fnaf fan games

  5. Fredbear teleports in random rooms, if you run in the same room as him then he gets you, or if you run into him (I think that’s how Fredbear works)

  6. Bro you should see your clone, his channel is called: The Click

  7. In the first game, no ones gonna take notice that Ryan's a smol boi???

  8. Doesn't some of this look sort of like that game nikson teased with his last video?

  9. I love the porkchops adventure easter egg Ryan should definitely play that

  10. "I'm just a kid, and my life is a nightmare!" 🎶

    In this case, it's literally.

  11. Ryan: can you tell me where my phone is
    Endo: nope COME HERE BOi 0:01

  12. The creator: let’s make Bonnie REALLY REALLY fast
    Ryan: really WOW

  13. Your smarter than fusion z gamer about the picture with the animatronic view

  14. how in helcking am i not subscribed i own merch.

  15. Interesting fact: on the title screen for this game you see a arcade machine titled “Porkchop’s Adventure”. That is another good FNaF fan game that you should try, Ryan.

  16. When he said clementines hat it brings back so many memories

  17. I love this new fnaf fan game, so basically you got to a rave

  18. should i really comment this? nah

    garcello mod

  19. ryan i saw fusion's video and heres some tips
    Spring bonnie wont attack you if you dont move, even if you are in his purple beam just dont move
    Spring freddy is glitched and if he does see you 90% of the time he wont kill you
    The "golden" fredbear guy is in the room where the golden curtain is, im not sure but try not running and see if he doesnt kill you, fusion didnt run and he didnt die also he blocks where you're going so check where you are going carefully

  20. Ryan the way that fredbear works is that you have to stare at him to prevent him from moving. It’s somewhat like SCP-173 where you have to maintain direct eyesight with it and the blinking is meant to make it more challenging to keep them in sight. Just as an FYI.

  21. im sorry im being that guy but why does there have to be motion blur in this game

  22. I started to like the video basically as soon as i clicked on it,niiiice Ryan keep up the good stuff hope we get more vids of this

  23. Little update on fnaf security breach: they are polishing up designs and finishing the little details around the map. Should be released soon

  24. These “hyper realistic” games have the shakiest cameras. Honestly this kid might be walking around with two broken legs

  25. I was eatin my cereal while watching this and I look up and springbonnie jumpscares me.. ooohhhh it was a fun time.

  26. The 130 dislikes are the many alt account that the animations have

  27. I like how the glow stick is pink and Ryan goes " orangey one "

  28. love you ryan just wanna let you know thx for making me feel better 🙂

  29. And as always I will see you on the next one …………. famous line if I must say

  30. me who have been watching fnaf since 2014: ah shit here we go again time to be jumpscared for the 201945th time


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