FNAF GAMES IN 2021 HAVE ME SCREAMING. | FNAF: Project Glowstick (Awesome game!) - jetgame.pl

FNAF GAMES IN 2021 HAVE ME SCREAMING. | FNAF: Project Glowstick (Awesome game!)

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So it’s been a while since we’ve played any Five Nights at Freddy’s fan-games and so I figured it was about time to hop back into one and see the cool things being made! Welcome to a game called FNAF: Project Glowstick, a fan-game that is uhh TERRIFYING. Enjoy

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  1. My screen breaks when I try to watch this 🙁

  2. In the intro you can see the porkchop game

  3. the fourth one aint a kinda oragny one its a pinkish purple one

  4. At 4:30, When Ryan asked why is Clementine's hat there, it got me nostalgic flashbacks to that game telltale game: The Walking Dead Series Story Mode. Ah, the good ol' days.

  5. i just found this channel again after i watched so many youtubers i forgot about this one but 8-bitryan makes good vids

  6. hey i found an easteregg stop exactly at 0:08 and the arcade thing say up there the joy of creation

  7. I think the last animatronic works like SCP-173: Keep eye contact, when you blink or turn around, it gets closer.


  9. Looking at the thumbnail: Ryan! I didn't know you had access to Security Breach?!

  10. I’m 90% sure nikson helped with glow stick

  11. 3:05
    My dad and older brother literally looked at me when I scream while eating HAHAHA
    Wasn't expecting it to be fast.

  12. Ryan: Finds pink glowstick
    Also Ryan: Orange is the new pink 🙂

  13. I like the part where he says so what is going on guys this Ryan here

  14. Fnaf:project glowstick sounds like a team up name between fnaf and dark deception

  15. Clementine’s hat has a D, not a G. Although, it looks just like her cap! 4:30

  16. 14:54 “Damn always gotta do this shit on my own. Why you got be so slow he right in fronta you.”

  17. Ah yes. I was just playing that fan game

  18. Ryan, what do you use to play those games?

  19. 4:32 those pictures I have the joy of creation reborn, and it's the old version where you run around and collect items, but I remember those pictures from that game. It's nothing important tho.

  20. finally im watching 8-bit again (But in Another acc)

  21. 14:52
    I mean, hey, Fredbear did try :shrug:

  22. Ever since Cory retired he’s been my happy place 😔

  23. I believe Fred bear only moves when you blink or look away

  24. There where three animatronic spring bonie ,spring fredie and golden freddy
    Golden freddy is the teleport one who always hear anything and spring bonnie can see he fan shaped area and he good ai and gg animatronics also fast spring freedie we cant run and he are not that good at wacthing too but all of three this the most scarry is spring bonnie because he fast and to hard to beat at running i think in security brech should put bonnie to it also spring bonnie also nkown as springtrap the older version look and revamp look

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