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With FNAF VR: Help Wanted coming out real soon, I figured it’d be cool to check out what FNAF Fan-games are getting created throughout 2019 and it’s safe to say the FNAF community is still doing what they do best!

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  1. when are you playing subnautica below zero i am waiting so long for another episode

  2. I always knew there was something off with that bee… it’s just the top hat y’know?

  3. dis boi is hilarious

    I got like 10 secs into the vid and I'm already laughing XD

  4. filipino restaurant turns into a horror game wow

  5. I knew Jollibee was a Fnaf fan game, I just didn’t know it was a real place too. In Hawaii, I was walking in a mall and we passed one and I got really freaked out. But then my brain realized that the GAME was based off the RESTAURANT. Me stupid.

  6. All i know about jollibee is that they make yum burgers or something pls correct me for those filipinos out there

    So if these animatronics try to kill teh gaurds how many have they killed?
    those it mean they make yum burgers or steak burger from himan flesh?

  7. The most burtal JUMPSCAReS are the joy of creation

  8. Im a Filipino and I love Jollibee and I was not expecting a horror game that's made for Filipinos (kind of)

  9. Ok but they did my homies hetty twirlie yum and popo so dirty

  10. I love Ryan’s laugh. The best of the British.

  11. I eat my chew-gum at the same time watching your video and after a while there is a big screamer and I almost swallowed it fucking xD

  12. 6:23 Ah so that’s how Projekt Melody came up with that quote

  13. To be real jollibees is lightyears better than most fast food restaurants

  14. America seems to love making their versions of restaurant mascots into animatronics

  15. Btw in the last game the bear is afton

  16. I love jollibee❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️🙂🇵🇭🇵🇭🇵🇭🇵🇭🇵🇭🇵🇭🇵🇭🇵🇭 i got a mini heart attqck💓💔

  17. Can u send me the links for the jollybee game link

  18. Adios, Jollibee's. You will be missed. To all us plebs that don't have it, we will miss you, and the moments we had.
    This is how many prayers were madem for it to come back.

  19. 5:48 Spanish people: ¿Qué dijiste? (translate: What did you say?)

    The animatronic: WAWAWOWAWA HAHAHAHA

  20. Ryan: this is called Jollibee's

    Every pinoy watching; oh hell no

  21. Whats more scary is that we have a nearby jollibee restaurant which has a mascot instanly appearing
    Behind you

    Also the restaurant is real

  22. 8:50 no you dont shinenthe light at popo you get jumpscared if you do just shut the vents if you see him near the vent

  23. Me when i see jollibee: i am just going to avert my eyes and F*****G RUN

  24. As a filipino, YES is the only thing i can say

  25. Ryan: That guy right there.

    Me: OMG it's Jollibee.

  26. like i think the intros are creative but cringy but other than that your an awsome youtuber you r also my comfort youtuber

  27. 8-bitryan seemed grump in this vid.. it just seems like that

  28. No offence, how does Ryan not know what Jollibee is? Like his girlfriend is literally Filipino?😅

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