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FNAF Game Over Screens (Arkham Knight Style)

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Have you ever had the specific desire to see FNaF characters in the Arkham Knight game? Well let your desires be vanquished! Enjoy two and a half minutes of the cast taunting you in your dying moments (づ。◕‿‿◕。)づ

Also, I can confidently say that we’re improving in Blender 😀

Make sure to give our talented cast of VAs some well deserved love:

springtrap: @jxderlxve
Nightmare/Foxy/Old Man: @ronald_mcva
Toy Chica: @radioactive8ball
Monty/Freddy: @SC4REBEAR
Scrap Baby:

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  1. 0:48 idk if anyone has mentioned this, but this is a giga-Monty reference

  2. i love how all portrayed versions of nightmare bonnie is british

  3. I swear you should make your own game with death scenes like these

  4. wheres tf is the rest of the interviewed come on man or lacking

  5. This whole video was awesome. I think foxy’s was the best from my perspective. Also the background music is perfect for this I wonder where it is from. 🤔

  6. KC & Friends - Consider Yourself American says:

    For Toy Bonnie, I want him to say “I'll need three garbage bags, a shovel, some disinfectant, some latex gloves, and oregano.”

  7. Montys voice in this is so much scarier th an the OG one

  8. Holy fuck that was reallly well made ngl kinda wanna see all the UCS voice lines made this way

  9. "See you in your dreams bruv" my favorite so far😂

  10. This is wayy better than the in-game jumpscares. Heck, maybe they should've used something like this in UCN

  11. Ennard has some strong Riddler vibes, love that. All top notch.

  12. That was absolutely FUCKING AMAZING. The voice lines were all SPOT ON. Baby’s, Ennard’s, Roxy’s, Monty’s, Withered Bonnie’s, Springtrap’s, Cassidy’s, and Toy Chica’s were all ABSOLUTELY PERFECT and they were all so IN CHARACTER. Honestly, I think I like this Toy Chica voice more than any of the others. It feels perfectly in character. Not too seductive, not too sensual, not too mocking, not too angry… just perfect tonally, perfect delivery, and perfect line-wise. I can totally see withered Bonnie with an Aussie accent too. It fits him perfectly.

  13. Y'all i just realized Phantom Freddy is doing the rock meme

  14. You should make these animations for ultimate custom nights, as a mod. THis is beautiful

  15. I like how withered Bonnie tries to make a joke about not having a arm but fails.

  16. Love mangles voiceline omg
    And the bruv killed me hahah

  17. I wish this is a mod for ultimate custom night

  18. These are remarkably well done. Usually stuff like this is mid tier quality, but this stuff is a grade above.

  19. Night Marionne's part got me😂😂😂😂

  20. I love how Springtrap has a fire axe; the same thing Afton used to break the FNAF 1 animatronics before his demise.

  21. I wish more games would have Arkham Style Game Over Screens 📺

  22. Oohh! Let me add one!
    The Mimic: I'm Not Gregory. I'm Just Luring You To This Place. "It's Not My Fault Why You're Hear. The Boy Knows. And I'm Hunting Him Next."

  23. Nightmarionne is VERY good, but what I love most out of 'em all is Old Man Consequences. He's effectively giving advice, not for how to live, but how to handle an important part of life.

  24. I definitely could see something like this in a fan-made first person game

  25. Loved Nightmare Bonnie. “See you in your dreams, bruv” implies he actually enjoyed the player while they were alive and still wants to.

  26. Could anyone explain withered Bonnie's quote to me? I don't get it

  27. I just love ennard when he said “for the love of god shut up!”

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