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Fnaf game on scratch

Five nights at sparkys
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  1. the turk games in scraht
    1five night at berat
    2five night at mirasu
    3five night at harolds

  2. Who will now that a frog could come in another game

  3. kind of a beginner project but still keep it up maybe you will get to the point where you make the entire code alone

  4. Love the song, nostalgia 😅😢😮🎉😊

  5. Can you do a video playing it, it would be great!

  6. Omg it’s Harold but red from the hit game five nights at Harold’s

  7. Woah! Ho- how did you make that??? That’s AMAZING!!!

  8. COOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOLL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. Im making a fnaf fangame in scratch called: five nights at freddbear's, it takes place in freddbears family diner

  10. Can you make a FNAF Game on mobile tutorial?

  11. My HP brother I have one of those to

  12. yo this is five nights at harolds remasterd

  13. Tip: don’t add jumpscares because it breaks scratch community guidelines. Just add a game over screen if you die.

  14. Yo,My friend in 5th grade With user “rishaandixit4b” created “five Nights at freddy”but not the maze its called five nights at fred’

  15. We need more part of this
    Bangin’ game btw

  16. cool!But I think it will be better without tutrioals

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